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More than Just staying alive, an Exalted Sun/Pluto/Uranus disposed of by Mars/Saturn = triumph of your individuality & creative will, but mindful there’s no escaping the System. At least for now.

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Kirsten Fletcher

Ever been set up by your boss’ boss and his boss? 3/23 marked the culmination of this situation in my life. I’m an ambitious double Cap moon in Aries. This punch to the gut has been devastating. While I had the pleasure of delivering this message in a calm cool and collected soft voice: “I don’t want to work for a company that would do this,” exposure to the corruption and lies from the system I served has left me in pieces. “Don’t trust these fools with your career” is a review that would be fitting to post to Glassdoor. I want to begin the beginning, but I’m having trouble letting this ending end.

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