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I was something once

Chiron at 29/59:
I was something once.
I can’t remember what.
I think I was a beautiful painted vase with a golden handle
that people put tall flowers in.
But it broke, I’m not that any more.
I was once a beautiful
zebra, proud of my stripes,
And a hippopotamus,
Saved me from a crocodile,
But I’m not that any more.
I was something once,
but I’m not that any more.

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I’m a total crying mess after reading this. It’s exactly how I have been feeling. It’s like Sarah Bareilles’ song “She Used To Be Mine”. Sigh…

I’m defintely not what I was. This transition is a tough one for me. Relating to this on so many levels. Thank you 💖

Water falling from muy eyes the pain is still there perhaps it will always be. I am not the same thanks

Definitely hit home. Sad. But one can never look back. This is a time for reinvention.


Even when your words appeared in Vanity Fair, I felt you were speaking directly to me. Usually calling me out on my bulls#@t. Today – wow. Thank you, Uncle Mike.

The visual, and the words – a great way of stating this turning point. We must look at it as good, the change that we must meet. I’ve given up something profound in my life. I will not let it be for nothing. Onward …
” If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. ”
Vincent Van Gogh

Right on target Mike!
I see and feel my transition.

So much has been lost these past 4-5 months. I’m a shell of who I used to be. Starting over with a blank canvas is scary and sometimes I really just wanna hide from life. Your messages are profound Michael. Like they’re written just for me.

I also used to be many many beautiful things. Suddenly and unexpectedly I had to become “other things” after accepting that a smashed vase can never be repaired. You hit my ❤ with this one Michael. I will become another beautiful vase, I can assure you when you say the right time has come. 😊 I am working on it.

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