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Looking into the future today

This area of the Zodiac will dominate most of 2020 and will kick in permanently in ‘23. Why think about it now? It’s active right  now and leading to The Big Shift in the world, your life and mine.This message is going to be short( 500+ words)  but a whopper from Mars, at 00:55, 16 May,  The same day Ramadan begins,  as you’ll see midmonth.Don’t count the words. Take the meaning to heart.If you found value in the VANITY FAIR piece from 2006, and enjoyed reading BOOOMM!! from 2016, you’re gonna LOVE this:

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Loretta Stratis

My life has completely changed since 2006. Divorce, grandchildren, amazing travel and income that I’ve earned. Blessings in a strange way.

kirsten fletcher

Very cool message. Is this the real dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

Thank you thank you for the View of Things to Come. It is incredible reinforcement of the energetic goings-on.

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