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Mars rolls over the Node: Ouch!

If you are even partially disabled now, you’re in good company.

“…Feel..weak…exposed…vulnerable…dizzy.. x-Ray vision failing….seem to be losing powers…can’t fly.. can barely walk..What’s happening?”

Suddenly weakened  by the dreaded Kryptonite, even Superman knows that to regain his super powers he must summon all his strength  from within.
Like everyone right now. This is we are all getting hit:
ARIES  “friends”
TAURUS your career path
GEMINI control of your mind
CANCER sex life? No joke
LEO the state of your relationships
VIRGO health, big job
LIBRA children, love life
SCORPIO home and family scene
SAGITTARIUS al communication
CAPRICORN  financial chaos
AQUARIUS you, yourself and you
PISCES  spiritual calm/well being
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Comments (4)

Mars/South Node happens to also be conjunct my natal Mars. Will Kryptonite or Super Hero powers prevail? 😉

The dreaded roll over. Ouch or Relief….a little job will get my head str8. I would love to be south by winter though.

Just had an accident breaking the 5th bone of my right foot. Can’t really walk!

You are exactly right! I’m a Leo, and you hit the nail on the head!

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