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Ever come close to losing it?

You ever have those moments when you think you may be really coming apart and losing it? Then it passes and you go on your merry way? Passage of Pluto into the South marks the end of one human era,  for Everybody alive. That means Confronting death anxiety and dealing with the darkness without losing the light.

Chronicled in my VANITY FAIR piece of 2006, it heralded this very moment


In Booomm! 9 October 2016, We wrote that on 9 November, 2016

when Mars  went to zero Aquarius, that would signal the end of the life as we know it. It’s happening. But what’s next?As Mars now (in July 2018)approaches  that point again and coming days, the manifestation will become  a bit clearer. But the chaos  far from over.

The real reason you feel you are coming apart and losing it is not because of the eclipse or your love life or your bank account or your health. It is because you are expected to go on with life as usual when you know very well deep down that