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the monthly’s in the washing machine

To all my readers
Please Pardon my Pluto.
It seems that in searching for a new format and better way of presenting the material, i’ve caused some confusion.
Please hang on and be patient. I’m preparing something for this new moon that will be a message not just for September but the whole year.
Each Sign will have its own separate extended message, coming out of the images already posted recently with brief descriptions for september.
A few are already up and we had a glitch between Taurus and Virgo.
So we’re working in it so please bear with it as we are seeking a means of expression to help everybody sort out the mess the whole world seems to be in. Don’t worry, though. This is just the Rinse cycle.

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Comments (1)

Feeling the final spin cycle close ,hoping
I’ve balanced feet
The racket and shake
Part always gets me
“What’s happening?”
Moment, sometimes
I feel like that minute
I watched the twin tower collapse
I think It sends my
Eyes to search the skies

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