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Read carefully before answering

During this retrograde of Chiron in PISCES, in your own personal life, as of this moment in 2018, are you aware of having recently risen, rising now or about to surface, complex but necessary issues to courageously face and resolve, involving
perpetrator/victim or
innocence and guilt?


Re-read or get for the first time my message Chiron in Pisces offered on at the beginning of this transit in 2011 and see how you’ve been able to grow toward greater maturity and wisdom. Or you can book some sessions with me and we work it out together.  212-529-6464

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whoa. this is happening right now! childhood arises in my mid-50s! gonna blow it up!

I have been preparing for this for sometime .. I am relieved this time has come .. thank you for the timely post 🙂

This is so obvious in the national theater. But, it’s also true in my personal space right now. Thanks a lot.

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