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Columbus Day in America

Tune in Monday for the October monthly. It’s Christopher Columbus Day in America. It’s not just today’s news and i justice. They’ve been spreading bullshit for five hundred years.

CC: “Hey, Guys! Wow! Come get a load of this. This place is gonna be a freakin’ gold mine. We can take the women and spread some cool diseases, feed the men to our dogs, and, fuggeddaboudit, talk about real estate!
Don’t worry about who owns it.
We’ll just claim all the property in the name of one of my girlfriends.
Let’s hop to it!
And someday there’ll be a holiday in my name so the slaves of the future will get a long weekend. It’s fab!”

(pic might be Columbus or his mother-in-law.)

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You always peek into my soul and read my heart. My belief in organized religion ended when I was in high school where I read how the missionaries tortured the American Indians because they would not kneel to our “God.” I came home from high school and told my mom I could not attend church knowing what the Christians did to these people. I never attended mass again and I am still against organized religion.

Recently on PBS, was a documentary on how mining runoff is contaminating one of the rivers near a reservation that the Indians use as a source for their drinking water. And now Trump is boasting that he’s lifted environmental restrictions so business ‘s can thrive.


Yes. This. Thank you.
He wasn’t even the first white person here. That would be Vikings. Everything about Columbus is bs.

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