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Of course we can still laugh, sing and make love…

with chiron underneath it all,  you don’t know at this point which miracle to pray for. To top it all off, every day inwardly, where nobody sees, the situation is getting hairier and hairier.

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Your perception is uncannily above that of most astrologers. Translated–You encrypt your knowledge; you feel so much. Thanks for being there.

Just watch me take charge of the hairiness: mandatory haircuts for all those who have deliberately made things hairy. Sorry you hairballs…from here on in every day is a Monday.

Yes, Michael, you are amazing. That bit and image of exclusion really hit home. One member of my family has used that strategy with such brilliance and subtlety that she has sabotaged and hurt me and her sisters badly for years….and me, being so “good-natured” never even saw it until now. Now eyes wide open. Time to put an end to that. Now what this spiny hairball is…looks like some kinda sea urchin….but YOU are right on target… the riddle will eventually unravel and give us it’s meaning….

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