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19 becomes 20:2000’s not a teenager any more

The minute you turn on the TV after the holiday in just 10 seconds you are bombarded for skin creams, sausage, and antacids of all kinds. It never stops.
Still, The melancholic gloom
That settles like fog over the human soul has nothing to do whether you hail from Christendom Or are still enjoying have already gotten over the taste of Hanukkah potato pancakes and brisket.
The false gaiety foisted upon all people aimed at us by businesses all over the world madly driving up their bottom line before the end of another year, only Contributes to the post holiday blues that affects everybody——whether you are surrounded by the Jolly laughter of kids, still burping from grandma‘s Christmas cookies, or just in your cell of meditation.
Astrologically defined, the Sun has moved from upbeat Sagittarius to burden- laden Capricorn , especially heavy this year with Saturn , Jupiter and Pluto Transiting that Noble sign.

It is clear right now the cost of putting on a happy face. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being where you really are now emotionally. It’s perfectly OK to be a little bit serious and thoughtful about the challenges we all face. It’s not a downer to embrace the transformations of life we are now all being confronted by.
No kidding Jupiter,Saturn, Pluto can have tremendous impact on relationships, some serious, gut wrenching separations and feuds, as well as the cementing and deepening of bonds that will last through the ages.
But progress has to be achieved slowly with method and purpose. Naturally, then, we can expect Experiences of being stopped in our tracks, stuck, waylaid and forced into circumscribed respinsibilities and situations. No matter what, however, we do not want to let any claustrophobia or imparience or self-blame cause undue panic or frustration.
Everything is moving according to plan, Cosmic or otherwise.
The trick is to remain focused now, true to your cause and commitment, diligently performing tasks that improve your mastery. Slowly but surely you put one foot in front
Of the other and you’ll be led out of an old situation onto another newer, freer and lighter path.
In fact, if you just plod onward right now, successfully executing the next item on your list without trying to jump ahead or take shortcuts, and you’ll come upon the mind-bending plot twist you’ll get a big hint about this coming March and will finally get to take advantage of completely around Christmas 2020. Big surprise twist.

There will be plenty of opportunities for growth, expansion and increase, but because they are all circumscribed by Saturn which really doesn’t get permanently out of Capricorn before the end of the year, opportunities will be slower to manifest and will require you to go back, stay within the lines, and return to edit, correct and fill in the blanks of anything you haven’t quite completed from June/Julyonward.
Saturn’s departure from Capricorn in March will open new an unexpected windows of opportunity, however it dependent upon your finishing projects and commitments already on the table as that planet retrogrades back into Capricorn until it’s final exit around Christmas 2020. Watch for the amazing plot