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Why, you…?

Why keep going on and on about “May all beings be happy”,
when deep down your guts are churning, you’re on edge, exhausted and frustrated, and have even felt anger or hatred for people and things you normally love?
This moment seems to be presenting a deeply personal test of faith, patience, endurance, and compassion.
But, yeah, why keep It up when you’re just about fed up with all of it and are probably likely to get totally screwed anyway in spite of all your good will and faith?

Gee, I don’t know.
Just doing it, I guess

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so right

Spon on it , Mikey… A big applause… What woud u suggest to us ?

It’s so true…thank you for the morning “laugh.”

et moi,aussi…..precisement!

I just attended a New Year’s Day party and one of the “mature” guests (he was a political refugee in his youth) with whom I spoke suggested one of the troubles with Americans is they don’t know that “no one is guaranteed instant gratification in life.” It made sense to me.

100000 % right again. At least we all see that these feelings are normal and expected. May we be protected from being screwed up again just because we, ourselves refuse to sink to the level of screwers. Thank you Michael for your guidance. 😍

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