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At Zodiacal end

As we experience a rare transit at the end of the Zodiac, it is wise to simply carry on and go about your business right now, guided only by your instincts and your conscience. If you stop too long to think about where you are, you may see a big black hole in your Big Picture, and unless you normally  embrace Emptiness anyway, that could get really scary.

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Thanks Michael for guiding us so wisely through these challenging times. Deeply grateful. XO C

Down the rabbit hole was all I could think after reading the Chiron Saturn essay…confirmed.

No thank you.😊 I embraced a big black hole long enough and just about managed to get rid of it. I’d rather let the cute lion embrace me 🤗 No time to think of the past, what should have been..could have been. It is time for action. Come what may. Your Aunt Tilly message, I think of everyday. Thank you Michael❤

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