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They’re meeting tonight to decide our Fate.


WHAT  if you woke up one morning and discovered that your whole system was about to fall apart all at once? Organs, senses, arms, legs, the whole deal –  like a puppet or toy with all the stuffing and fur coming out all over the place.

It’s a rather unsettling thought, but would you freak? Or would  you do anything and everything possible to save yourself and put yourself back together?


That is how the Saturn Pluto South node is operating.

But you and I are not the only ones. That’s exactly what all our great international leaders, (most of whose names  we have never heard) are  feeling about the state of human society.

Suppose for a moment that you were one of those leaders who held a conservative view of civilization and it’s preservation or destruction.

Suppose you adhere to a hive theory of social organization. In that society there are the dominant leaders guiding the actions and life cycles of the lesser obedient, essentially mindless drones. Insect – like. Your whole population functions and thrives in a society divided between the  powerful and the obedient. To maintain order and preserve the prosperity the drones would have to believe that they were being protected by the more dominant leaders.

Let’s say that such a system has been working and operating just fine since before you were born and that there was no reason to think it would ever end or be changed.

But what if such a System became overloaded or corrupted and showed signs of cracking, malfunctioning or completely collapsing?

Thats happening! To you to me

And to those who run the operation.

Back to you me and all the regular people right now. All people are worried now. All people are threatened with collapse or loss or having something valuable or precious taken away or removed. Could be Anything from real estate  to their bladder. But a bogeyman is coming around like an anti-Santa Claus with a big bag of things he’s collecting from people. Don’ t  be naive.

The current Saturn Pluto conjunction at the node poses a threat, a very real one. Either personal or ideological. What we all thought would function forever, isn’t. The strain is palpable. The effort to keep it all together is highly stressful.

If the system persists only through the efforts of the strongest leaders on a higher level, then a threat to the system would create a ripple effect all the way from the top all the way down to the bottom- – it will be a struggle for survival.

The situation indicates that a device be created- – first to threaten the whole hive , and then a solution or a elimination of that threat would help convince the drones to remain obedient. Everything is safe.

The greater the uncertainty the greater the social restlessness or discontent, The greater the threat to security the greater the need to prove to the drones that the leaders are  still in control and able to protect us.

It sounds like such a nutty  theory.

So cynical. But do we have to look at that possibility. Something in your life is threatening to take over and shut you down, either in business, personal life or health. Of course it’s all coming from your mind, but it gets pretty damn real When Saturn conjoins Pluto. So it’s in your mind but it’s also happening. Whether you’re in the hospital on life-support or you’re under investigation by bloodthirsty prosecutors it seems pretty damned real.

Something is happening something we’ve been talking about for months. Some spooky spook is looking through your window at night just as  you are  about to fall asleep. This is when vigilance is desperately necessary. These are the moments for some powerful figure or figures to step in and save you from the “threat“.

Only thing. When Saturn and Pluto conjoin at the Nodes,


Hidden one. So politically speaking right now whether the globalists are out to control the entire human race with measures they’ve been developing for years or

Whether  they have the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity at heart we cannot say.

Are we actually being watched by extraterrestrials?

Are humans and aliens conspiring together against the human race?

Are UFOs even real or is that a ridiculous distraction?

Is President Trump a crazy old Hitler in the making, or is he fighting globalism because he’s against the threat to the individual and self interest?

Which is the threat and who has an answer?

Whether it’s a little green men or tall white ones,  our survival is still the number one priority it’s the preoccupation and the fate of our future. Whether it is the stock market or your most intimate and private issue, you can’t ignore this change or give in.

You must not project too far in the future and you should not predict. It would be too easy to slide down the slide of pessimism now. So you have to look at everything from a real perspective and not just see a wall looming  up in front of you. You need to that the threat  is the path.

We have to follow it to its logical conclusion fearlessly and with great diligence. This is a long flight between conservatism and outlandish radicalism that is the logical next step.This is a hurdle for all of civilization such as we have never seen. And individually you and I never seen this one either in our lives.

That’s really the only reason it seems to be so scary.

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“Beware of darkness.” George Harrison

Stormy as it is these are the days we came here for and we intuited (but not quite like this). Surf’s up! Time to paddle with high expectations.

Abegael Dunlop

Thank you, Michael

Wow thanks!

I love checking in with you. My co-worker was fired and escorted out of the bldg today.

How true. I surely have never experienced anything like it. Threats from everywhere possible in my own life. Future of mankind decided by power and money driven irresponsible twits.😡 But just as you write, I won’t give (a Taurean promise)🤞Many thanks Michael 😍

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