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Sometimes surprises are wonderful. I have often joked, if you were having a transit of the planet Uranus, and it’s making you nervous, just think of the worst possible outcome and disaster you can imagine happening. That will assure you that it cannot happen, mainly because the planet Uranus is the thing you cannot imagine no matter how you stretch your imagination. The good news is the opposite works just as well, because you never know what miracles will happen at the very last second. Don’t count your chickens though, especially with the planet Uranus in Taurus, because it’s like sinking  your whole future security into supposedly “always valuable stocks and bonds” even real estate. But as I’ve already stated, just when you have given up in despair, a fortune could blow right into your face on a windy day.

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Literally, I had a call out of the blue very recently, that was exactly what you’re talking about here, some property I didn’t even know I still owned has resurfaced. Hard to explain how that happened.. Uranus!! Says it all.

Andrea Jarrette-Kenny

I’ll take it!

Just learned about an inheritance that came out of left field! Aside from that, I’m blessed in many ways and grateful to the universe for being on this planet in this space and time.

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