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A total blessing of good fortune to embrace

Jupiter direct in its own sign now and Venus on the Sun

This is probably the best and luckiest aspect of the planets give us in the entire sky. The moment when Jupiter completing its retrograde moves forward again or should I say appears to move forward again. When that happens in your progressed  chart you are given a heavenly gift that lasts you the rest of your life. Of course it happens once a year by transit for everybody as it is today and this week. It’s a general blessing depending on where you are in the path of human development and it’s aways the sign of peace and contentment.
Especially at the same moment of the superior conjunction of Venus in the Sun.
Here are some of the signs of it:
Across the Board reprieves
Unbelievable good luck
Benign diagnoses
Improvement in all conditions
Acts of kindness and generosity
A blessing
The presence of protection
Release from pain
Freedom from anxiety
A rise in consciousness
The sense of divine intervention
Perspective and understanding
There is a rule in astrology that’s pretty unbreakable: the slower moving planet wins. Right now Jupiter is in a wonderful position. And Venus is in superior conjunction. Saturn and Pluto, however, are slower moving and still operating so there is a darker caveat in a word of caution on this Jupiter direct transit. Uranus  is beginning its 7 year transit at the same time! Over the next month we will be talking about the approach of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction at the end of 2020, and how Saturn must still be considered in every instances where both planets are present. So while you should jump for joy at this transit of Jupiter and its own sign, justice,prudence and responsibility Will still take precedence in your life. That said, enjoy the brilliance of Jupiter, Venus and the Sun. Keep your light!
 No matter what’s going on in your life, no matter where you are along the path make sure you say to someone, “I love you.”

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This glimpse of sunshine is most welcome. Thank you.

pretty damn good way of putting it Michael xxx Caroline (uk)

Brilliantly expressed again ❣Always a BUT….🤔

Michael……Thank you….Thank you…I really needed this encouragement and I shared it with others . Big Hugs to you!

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