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You have already done everything humanly possible, and you can’t do anything more? The problem is still there.

When you have run out of ideas, and there is no ink in the pen, no other words you can say or write, No thoughts you have not already thought of, no remedy you haven’t already tried, so what can you do?

Start praying maybe? I guess, but that’s not going to fuel your engine alone.

Unless you are already an ascending being, and have already grasped and metabolized the truth of the ultimate reality which is impermanence, you’re probably in a state right now and you don’t know which way to turn.

That seems that the last trick has been played out, and no matter how many times you feel around inside that black top hat, there’s just not one rabbit left in the hat.

And it’s no solution to continually keep asking, what’s going to happen in January when the Saturn and Pluto conjunction happens? When a planetary configuration reaches culmination as it will on January 12, it’s already over. So whatever is happening and has been happening behind your back it’s in front of you right now. And plenty has been going on behind your back. The crisis is now and the solution is with it.

Painfully and truthfully, goodbyes are going to have to be said.

If you are going to work some magic and heal from a tragic wound, it is right now that you have to do it, not when Saturn reaches Pluto and has culminated on January 12, 2020. Now is the time for metabolizing reality with a Capital R. Now is the time to dig deep into your assets and your inner self, put survival on top of the list and I understand why you are here.

And just how you got here. I know there’s a big temptation to just say, “screw it,” and jump. Or let yourself slip and fall.

But you must not lose your balance now and trip over your golden sandals.

Steady now. Don’t get dizzy. The world has not stopped spinning, even if it does seem to be off its axis. You are running low on faith and charity, and in some way your life is like an old gangster movie from the 30s and 40s. You know, when the cops have surrounded the hideout and the gangster knows he’ll never make it if he tries to shoot his way out.

Justice? This is justice. No, this seems more like the perversion of justice, and that is just what Saturn and Pluto seem like: the bending of the bar, pushing every button to avoid the inevitable facing of an immutable truth. A death. Yes, this is the death of – of what? Of whom?

Why have you been brought to this moral choice to this edge of the life you have lived so far? Is there bitterness? And if so, why should hatred play any role in a love story?

We talk about truth and justice, but how do we explain away the disillusion we feel when the love we once had for a person, place or thing ceases to be a component in decision making? What happens when we are forced to face a Raw, Cold, implacable wall of truth?

Saturn and Pluto represent shattered dreams and liberation at the same time. While Saturn and Pluto are ripping us apart and tyrannizing us with an impervious demand on our earthly existence and eliciting nothing harsher than reality on an earthly level, we must see liberation in this moment.

Earlier in 2019 we did talk about the combination of Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, and how it was inevitably going to get us all fired up and motivated only to run out of steam on the loneliest road at our personal midnight. And once when you were totally motivated you never dreamed you get to a point of seeing pointlessness and chasing any dream.

Now we are here with a very real dilemma.

Do we stick with a commitment that doesn’t give two shits about our feelings or needs but just keeps robbing us blind?

That’s what Saturn and Pluto can do: they can commit legalize robbery like a vulture picking her bones dry.

But Neptune always adds love, compassion and charity as long as we don’t allow greed and fear to overtake us.

Guess what.

You’re not out of options. You’re not at your last hope. You are not without somewhere to turn.

Yeah, but what?





And of course, why?

Why wait till January12th.

Saturn and Pluto may not give you another chance for 38 years. Don’t let that happen.

As I mentioned before when a planetary configuration reaches culmination as it will on, January 12, it’s already over.

If I can help…

I’m here.

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Michael, you read and expose the message scrolled on my soul….it’s like you are the little spider in my kitchen observing every thought and emotion I’m going through. Your encouragement is priceless.

Thank you,


Just what I needed to hear to face a difficult decision. And suddenly I realized it isn’t so difficult at all but absolutely necessary and inevitable.
Thank you

Michael, since you published this piece, I’ve read it several times. I don’t know how you are so brilliant, but I’m so grateful to you for sharing your brilliance with us! Blessings on you 💖

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