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We’ve been bewitched !

! Magic happened tonight. We have been spoken to by an unearthly voice. The Moon’s passage across stationary Pluto has nudged us all along our evolutionary path.
IF…..we can face what has to come next

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Spot on for me…pretty eerie accuracy from Mikey, esp. past month or so…something big this way comes?

is the knowing of anything; , outside our being truthful with ourselves ,of any consequence,to what happens next?
perhaps or only or if , we want our hand in it, to be part of “what next?”from the bean counter, the clock puncher
oh it’s not hard to help-er,i am going to sit this one out,no ,wait and see ,here,just me wondering…
if it’s not too late,Can I make that, a cheeeseburger?

What’s next?

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