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1982-1984 mean anything special?

Hot Flash:
If you were born around 1982-84
Or you have a strong memory of that period,
This could be a healing moment.
Stay tuned.

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Wow. Vividly, I remember.

Similarities between then and now? Autonomy. Freedom. Fear. Alone. Fresh air. Safety from a storm. Adventure into the unknown. Opportunity. New roots.

The differences? I have direction now. Self love. Wisdom. Vision. Peace. Courage. Discernment. And now, with your insight, Michael, I have Acceptance.

25 Years it took me to get to where I should have been in 82 – 84? I CAN say it is healing. Every step of the way I have earned and grown. No participation trophies here, all accomplishment.

Yes, please.

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