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October 2017: A magical moon

Whether you were born before or after…

I SAID “Stay tuned”
Not to keep you hanging in suspense, but before I decided it was worth a whole new message, I had to think it through.
Here is a unique opportunity for us to reassess all of our relationships and come to a new conclusion about our healing connections, our past relationships and especially our ability to enjoy companionship.It’s not about dragging ourselves back to the past and rehashing old stories and falling prey to old patterns. Not at all. The presence of both Venus and Jupiter surrounding the position of the Saturn Pluto conjunction of the early 1980’s provides us with a new appreciation of why change is so vitally important,  although it does so, sometimes causing much pain. This time conscious memory is a powerful healing tool.
To probe this mystery deeper

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I could sure use a dentist to extract the remains from my
Mind and heart
No matter how many happy thoughts I try to create hoping to displace stuff
There they are
Boo! All over the place


Dont try to extract all the experiences you made. They are waiting, to become wisdom in heart and mind, if you allow so. So better obey and let them help to grow and nourish you and if not more, than in sense of “never I will let that happen again”.
Warmest regards

I keep waiting to exhale
thoughts of those so far away
issues that make me crazy and rob my happiness
everyday i don’t understand it so I
just breathe…………..

I met my partner(Scorpio) in “82” under the craziness circumstances and I am also a Scorpio! Now I am trying to understand him and the changes we have been going through since “08”. Its like a ferris wheel going round and round. He doesn’t get it and now I don’t want to keep on, I’ve actually just stopped my part of the relationship. The energy has been overwhelming and I need to catch my breath. I try to find quietness but my mind just keeps moving. I keep telling the Universe take my outdated/useless baggage as I don’t want to hang onto it. I hope you have a new weekly by the full moon as I need to see whats coming at me next.

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