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Repairing a rift

If you and another party have experienced a split, this is the perfect time to reevaluate the strength or weakness of that bond. Such events can either blow people apart forever or reveal a weak link in the chain of the relationship that needs to be repaired.

When there is a rip in the fabric of a relationship, either created by Force Majeure, responsibilities that drive people temporarily apart or any other external or internal break or intervention caused by your own or other people’s unconscious actions that lead to separation, is there any recourse?

Even if one person dies, at some point you have to seal the wound, repair your soul and continue living. If a loved one has died, the bond remains, but only you can deal with how to proceed.

Depending on the situation, you have to decide after an eclipse whether to sew up the area that was affected by the tear and patch up a relationship or let it go.

If you remember the superior Sun Venus conjunction with Pluto in January, we said there is often love joined to great separation with that configuration.
The recent lunar eclipse, has revealed how that operates in your life.
It depends of course on the nature of the separation and how and on what level you can effect a reconciliation.