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What you dont tell people

So life goes on. We meet new people, move to a new house, get an exciting job or project, laugh at new jokes, paint on a rosy facade of gaiety, pump and prop ourselves up.
But who are we kidding?
Ok whom?
When you turn the light out at night…
Under the surface of your existence these days Chiron at the end of Pisces continues to produce a private melancholy deep within you, a quiet sense of defeat, a regret utterly intangible, but one you can almost taste. And one you hide from everyone.
How to deal, when did it start and how long does this thing hang around?
Stay tuned.

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How does one tackle a hologram of the seemingly impossible? And how does Mikey see what Mikey sees 🙂

Honestly I believe in Mikey’s understanding, with out a doubt he can create intimate prose that paints a juxposition of nothing less than magical prophesy of understanding . Thank you ML

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