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Revolution ain’t no joke.


The birth of a new culture and even new species cannot be achieved easily or quickly.This is not going to be a “boom boom yay welcome Age  of Aquarius.”
This “revolutionary“ war will be played out in different stages and in different theaters, on Earth and  off world in space. 
It will likely be conducted also on many cross-cultural cross-economic cross-industrial cross-legislative cross-military, cross-economic  and powerfully cross-philosophical/ religious levels, basically around tradition and innovation- –
Between Saturn and Uranus.
But it always comes down to control over us and over earth.
It will last, probably for the better part of about 100 years.
The “Resistance“ that eventually forms  could likely be made up surprisingly of Conservatives who, although even with their numbers dwindling, will fight to the last to preserve the System they believe will preserve order and security. Women, now in power,  will seek to humanize war, but a revolution is a revolution, and thus disruption and Chaos are inevitable.
In fact babies not yet born yet will be born Over the next few years with Pluto in Capricorn in their horoscopes. Many of them will lean rebelliously toward the conservative class, so it will be almost 100 years before the last one with Pluto in Capricorn in his or her  horoscope scope leaves the planet permanently either by choice, exile or natural causes.
This is not a shoot-‘em-up dead “Bang!! Bang! I got you, you dirty rat!” type of war. 
Part of it will be an open fight, but another part of it will be the squeeze – lethal tactics involving weather, water, medicine and food, mo ey of course—not to mention an element as yet inconceivable to the masses  – one that will tip the balance of power and bring the struggle for transformation to an entirely as yet unknown level.
Besides, remember also that what remains of the old United States will still exist with the July 4, 1776 chart. It will have , therefore, Secondary progressed Pluto remaining in Capricorn until somewhere around 2070 anyway. 
Transformation is under way. 
There is a simple solution to the whole thing, But that’s another whole story for later.
More to come stay tuned