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Enlightened Despotism or  Corrupt Democracy:  Is there no alternative?

Whether you like it or not, and even if you are completely unplugged, non-political, and you have stopped watching the news all together… You should know there is a vitally important philosophical battle growing now to a fever pitch. The battle is between the belief that living under an enlightened despotism Will be a more preferable lifestyle than being gaslighted into a corrupt faux democracy under which we have been living.

Of course the word “enlightened“ and “corrupt“ are broad concepts open to tremendous distortion and misinterpretation on both sides. But face something. Last time Pluto crossed it’s on South node in 1760 something we were still a monarchy. Something inescapably true is happening. There are individuals, many more than you might think, who believe that the government formed during the last transit of Pluto  on its South node in the 1700’s has run its course, and become so distorted and diseased by greed, power and materialism, That a  complete disruption of the System (put into place at that time) Would be absolutely appropriate, perpetrated by  one individual or like-minded individualS—Especially

 if the governing body at the present momentwere completely eradicated and substituted by one individual.

Do not laugh. As Pluto now approaches its South node the planet Uranus is entering Taurus at the same time. It’s anybody’s game right now, and the perfect time to create enough iconoclastic havoc to seize control and quell the panic created by The insecurity generated by experiencing a mortalchallenge to the System’s strength,  flexibility and integrity.

This is the purpose and the meaning of URANUS—to challenge the system.  What is the planet URANUS after all? Stay tuned.