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The Pluto Transit and World Revolution: The Consequences of Denial

21 September 2018

Read this then watch the 1959 movie “On the Beach,(hyperlinked for your viewing convenience)” a poignant and terrifying film.  If you accept this challenge I present to you, you will see the connection between this and the Pluto transit I talk about.

I am sure I don’t have to tell you that there is a war for control of the Earth going on right now. You must be able to feel the struggle between order and chaos. It’s not comfortable. Nobody is comfortable, mainly because revolutions are not started by very nice people.

There’s a war going on right now above our heads, and you never would believe in 1 million years who is involved. If you can imagine some completely impossible, ridiculous, crazy thing going on espoused by kooks and conspiracy theorists, maybe you’ll get an idea of it.

One thing is sure, we are being told nothing. I will say this astrologically, however, yes, as Pluto goes from Capricorn to Aquarius, it will change humanity forever. This movie is not a barrel of laughs, this movie is about the consequences of denial and what we face right now as a culture.  It is of course, giving us one version, one scenario, one possibility of where we could be headed to from here.

It’s hard to tell where this all began but I would say between 2006 and 2008 was the start of it. That is when Pluto and Capricorn have begun to lead us into a new reality; in business, real estate, and every walk of life. Predators are seeking and swallowing prey more than ever before. Competition is fiercer than ever, and except for those who are filthy rich, it has become harder to live the American dream – – whatever that was.

In fact as Pluto now descends across the plane of the Earth’s path around the Sun, it seems like that planet is taking us all down with it, and the fight to stay positive is harder than ever.

Many dark forces have entered into our lives during these rare moments.

Everything possible is being done to keep the enormity and scope of this transformation secret from the human population. Those who are awake see the unimaginably vast effort is being made to distract masses and keep people believing that everything is normal. But it is not.

In fact since late in the evening on 9 November 2016, the lives we were all leading before that point are being changed forever. This film paints a picture of one scenario of where we are going. It is up to us to change it.

Be awake, People. Watch the skies. Watch the weather. Question every aspect of what is being considered normal.  Look deeper. Crazy or not, awaken to the fact that all is distraction from what is actually happening to the human population. This is a world revolution and battle for control of resources extending beyond national, international and planetary borders.

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