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October Saturn Pluto 2018


Might as well start out with the bad news. Pluto, as I have been hinting at since 2006,  descends across the Ecliptic into the south, passing over its South node and the  whole world goes to hell. Or seems to. Not to mention your life. Lol sort of. 

We have been talking about this for years. I’m not Nostradamus, so If  I saw all this in the US horoscope in 2006, there must be a reason all the chaos happening— For our global culture. We look to astrology to help us explain and understand the mysteries of our own social personal and human evolution, and right now that’s pretty confusing.

 In fact it’s nearly impossible to sort out fact from hearsay, guesswork. 

      With Chiron wobbling at the end of Pisces, Underneath the surface there is chaos, confusion, insecurity, and a whole lot of unfinished grief from the past to purge once and for all.

And we must acknowledge that Saturn is stronger than ever this month, so no matter how chaotic or depressed you feel or uncertain about the future you’ve got tasks that have to be honored and carried out.

A lot of times many folks prefer to think that during Libra time would be a lovey-dovey lacy nicey tea party. This, however,  is a tougher, tighter, pinching moment because Saturn is still the dispositor  of the New Moon through Venus in Scorpio and retrograde.

Just for your fun   think back to the last time Venus was retrograde in  Scorpio 2010, 2002, 1994, 1986, 1978, 1970… And every eight years All the way back. 

You will definitely find connections between your personal life now and your personal life during some those  past retrogrades.

People you once loved and probably still do pop back up in your life. It must be said also you may have some more unpleasant liaisons come back like Halloween ghosts

It’s  always intense when old conquests appear and peek through your window.

It’s always a blast  also when you see all your obsessions or even passionate memories recur to tickle your fancy. That can be love, too.

So this New Moon lies between Saturn and Pluto. What does that mean astrologically and in your life?

That is to say along the zodiac wheel, Saturn  plus Pluto equals the Sun and Moon.

This New Moon is also culmination of the Venus Mars Square at 29 Libra that took place last March. 

1.This is the passionate battle between men and women as well as the male and female within you.

 2. Saturn and Pluto in the fourth house of the solar chart of the New  Moon renders Insecurity rampant.

3.Families are struggling not to collapse. 

  1. Emotionally and psychologically there are implosions due to abandonment anxiety
  2. Political alliances go awry and shift radically.
  3. You can expect an intense burst of radiation of intensity throughout the world, harking back to the period of 1982 in 1983 and somehow Israel in the Middle East will be involved 
  4. Since the  retrograde a Venus in Scorpio occurs every eight years so why is this one noteworthy?

It’s the disposition of Venus that determines the severity and deeper meaning of this month.

So we can see that this one is a heavy one because of the relationship of Venus to Pluto and the fact that Saturn is the dispositor and ruler of Pluto’s position now.

All that to say you still have to get up every morning, face the day and function, deal with your dear responsibilities and tasks whether your heart is in it or not. 

So even though the focus of light and strength may be in Libra which helps to smooth over everything, the presence of this New Moon

 with Saturn and Pluto puts Capricorn in charge of the month whether you like it or not. With conservative and strict limits on all activity, accomplishment and success in all your endeavors is  guaranteed. Your diligence, endurance, loyalty and dedication will pay off.

That’s the good news


Stay tuned over the next days for how that impacts all the signs

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It’s good to know at least that were not alone. Also just being aware of the influences at play helps navigate these rapids. Thankyou🌷

Born with Scorpio Saturn square Leo Pluto to a Capricorn Father.
This feels familiar. Thanks.
And now for the bad news?

Start humming Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire…. with an Addendum of Gender Confusion Wars, Lookism and Hypergamy, Social Justice Warriors, Kill the Family, Brute Force Feminism, Dying Working Middle Class….
I can’t take it anymoreeeee!

LOL–SO FAR you are the only thing/person who has reappeared….I am a triple Sagg with sunVenusAsc trine moon in early Leo. BUT all that is ruled by Jupiter at 10 Scorpio!! where all this sh***t is happening. Is it OK to come out from under the bed? Or is this good news. Should I run for president in 2020 when I will be only 85???

1994 – AIDS and loses

The world is about to change. Learn about The Great Awakening, Watch Q – The Plan to Save the World:
Have faith!

All i want to say michael we are all so lucky to have you,you are a beam of light ,please please don’t stop being the ginues astrologer providing us with what we need to know,reminding us the times we are in are just so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,help us god.

Love you soooooooooo much Judy.

“You can expect an intense burst of radiation of intensity throughout the world, harking back to the period of 1982 in 1983 and somehow Israel in the Middle East will be involved.”

When all the news about the Saudis and Jamal Khasohggi hit, I remembered you wrote about how the Middle East would somehow be prominent during this time period. Is Saudi Arabia an indirect link? Something very scary underneath all of this.

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