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With your ruling planet Mars finally escaping from the South Node but still in Aquarius, you have no patience to stand for any nonsense from anybody. Silently, however, and deep inside yourself you are engaged in a serious and private discussion, still grieving over the past and deciding how much you want to share with people about what is really going on in your head and in your heart.

But you still forage bravely onward in spite of any inner turmoil. You do have to continue to deal with red tape and that’s got to be really frustrating. For one reason or another you are being monitored, and in some cases under surveillance and you have to be polite through all of it. You are still part of this wacky society, and although it’s annoying sometimes to be under the umbrella of a legal, political or medical system of rigid rules and regulations you find archaic, that’s what they call protection. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Aries Saturn direct 18if you don’t already have it.



People love you, even though they are somewhat distracted now with Venus retrograde, and with your mind strictly on themselves at the moment and not always readily available to answer your questions and satisfy your needs. So it’s best to focus on your own well-being and your work, remaining cautiously optimistic about your future. The planet Uranus is moving back into your 12th was temporary, it could flip you out about what could happen.  So don’t pay any attention to that, just stay in faith for the future and project as many possible outcome as you can. We don’t know which way any of these associations are going to go, but don’t let past experiences color or tarnish your view of the future. The path to happiness is always rocky and when you can let go of controlling the outcome, you’re going to be a much more satisfied camper.  For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Taurus Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.



Love, yes, by all means, but within reason and within normal limits. Right now you are juggling and questioning the difference between love and justice. With Jupiter and Venus in the sixth house, health and well-being, it should reveal a remarkable improvement. Thank God you are busy and productive and in many cases still creative. You like many other members of your sign, you are probably staring at your own mortality when you look in the mirror. And because you do feel better, you’ve got to be wondering if the people in charge of your health know what the hell they are talking about. Although some uneasiness persists due to the pressure of uncertainty, you are still an individual with a loving heart. As mentioned earlier you have to find a balance between believing that unconditional love cures everything, and setting up limits of behavior.  For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Gemini Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.



In spite of all the millions of words that have been written about how Cancers love to snuggle up and get cozy, the truth is members of your sign have dread becoming truly dependent on anyone else. Of course we all need each other but the issue of security and abandonment still persist. We are now looking at describing your most intimate relationships from today all the way back to you when you were in your mother. Acknowledging your need for someone, is not a sign of hopeless and weakness. It is rather a measure of your mature understanding that we all need each other to support and have each other’s back in good times and stinky times. If you approach the subject with gratitude and not resentment, you’ll have all the love and support you need.  For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Cancer Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.



If you are an only child it may be more of a challenge to understand what sharing the spotlight and sharing control is all about. If you do have siblings, however, you will see how the retrograde of Venus in your 4th house suggests the need for keeping communication lines open now. With Saturn and Pluto in your 6th house you are probably being hassled by work problems and even long-term health measures that annoy you. And you certainly don’t want work problems to hassle you and you don’t have the patience for shenanigans brought on by family. This is the time however to exercise your coolness and stay rational so you do not get into screaming explosive confrontations. If you do have a rigorous schedule now, stick to it. Try to curb your desire to escape now and just quietly cope with the grief you have been avoiding. You have a list of tasks you have to accomplish, just stick to the next one on the list, stay sober and exercise the search for mastery. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Leo Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.


Balance the books and try to keep from being distracted by your emotional state at the same time. It’s no easy task when sisters, cousins and the lady upstairs keep knocking on your door and your head.  Money always comes into the discussion, so keep it as cool as you can. Funny, too, because your truly all about love these days. Not the goofy drunken fairy tale stuff that has already gotten you into heaps of trouble in the past. This is about the growing need you have to express yourself deeply and authentically- – On stage or off, and to be able to be in your heart no matter how crazy the rest of the world is going. That is exactly why people turn to you for help and guidance.  For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Virgo Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.


Usually the New Moon in your sign renews you and fills you with light, balance and respect for the truth. But you are in an emotionally shaky state and are filled with anxiety of abandonment. It is difficult to maintain peace at home under these unusual conditions. Not only is Venus retrograde in your second house of finances, but the presence of Chiron in your 6th house affects health and mental well-being. Even work is crappy right now, and there are serious health issues that keep you from sleeping peacefully. Rebuilding some kind of security can be found in family, as aggravating or unavailable as they are sometimes. But that’s the thing about blood and genes, when you see how deep and mysteriously does bonds are, you do start thinking it has to be about past and future lives. At the moment, however, it’s the here and now, and about maintaining those bonds. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Libra Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.


Following a spiritual path is usually a lot easier to embrace when the people you have to communicate with are staying mentally, healthy stable and are willing to communicate. Whether they’re out of their damn minds or just plain unavailable, what are you supposed to do? That’s the story with the New Moon square Saturn and Pluto.

Add to that the intensity of a retrograde Venus – – obsessive needs for love and instant gratification, along with the rejection. You have a challenge to both your mind and heart. People may seem wildly attractive and repugnant at the same time. But of course you can’t say that to anybody without totally alienating the very individual you need to stay connected with. If you try to add compassion to your message, people will hear you more clearly, even if underneath you are seething. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Scoprio Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.



You may be disguising it as is or elevating it to the level of friendship, but Venus in the 12th is always hankering for a secret love. Add retrograde to that and you have either got private movies you are watching when you’re alone or some hot technicolor fantasies actually playing in your life. It’s normal to attempt to spiritualize your desires and express them in a saintly way, but you do have some earthly material preoccupations the demand your absolutely sober attention. It’s all part of a complicated sky we are all living under right now. The question is how to get what we think we absolutely have to have, while remembering that in the end, none of it really matters at all. It’s just that we can’t escape the need for money to live on, while being conscious of the needs of our fellow human beings at the same time. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Sagittarius Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.



With Saturn so strong now of course, you probably think you are falling completely apart any minute. Actually despite all the pressure of responsibility on you, you are the one holding the cards. Not possible you say? Oh, but it is true. Agreed, you’re totally burdened and near cracking, half the time, but you are actually the one who has power over the whole operation.

You fall and we all fall with you, so no matter how close you come, plan for your nervous breakdown during coffee break or lunch only. Like it or not, you are the spine in this animal we call society right now, so you have to keep on to continue walking up right to support the rest of us. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Capricorn Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.



Naturally in a perfect world you would continue to be cool and judicious, and look forward with optimism and truth and justice for all, and all that good stuff. Right now, however, you don’t feel calm and cool, and some people think you’re committing political suicide. What with the retrograde Venus, and Mars just pulling away from the South node, you do tend to lose it at the drop of a hat when anything gets in your way. The wise course of action is not to push it, owing to the fact that Saturn and Pluto in your 12th house should be putting you on a more private and intimate course. You should be exercising compassion in your search for inner meaning. It’s hard to stay positive, though, when you’re being either gaslighted by people you don’t even know or haunted by your own past. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Aquarius Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.



We should really be cutting all the members of your sign some slack, mainly because you are definitely more up-and-down than usual. Jupiter in your ninth house is fortunate enough to keep you looking on the bright side, and it won’t ever let you slide too far down. I like to see Jupiter in the ninth house, mainly because it shows you that in the face of any challenge or crisis, you can remain hopeful. Even with the turmoil of your internal emotions, and all of your self-criticism at the moment, you still have a healthy ability to pull yourself out of the depths. Wobbling inside? Definitely, but thankfully you stand by your firm conviction that everything is an opportunity to grow from. For more insight into how this effects your own sign, get Pisces Saturn Direct 18 if you don’t already have it.


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Your messages are always great reading. Your efforts and accuracy are much appreciated. Thank you.

You are a master of astrology.
Thanks for the massage.
Every sentence is accurate, like always.

I love you Michael but for the longest time now the Scorpio horoscope feels like it’s chained to the furnace in a dark cellar. Just waiting and waiting for a little mirth…but it seems like the bag of hammers is all we seem to get ☹️

Oh, Capricorn is the spine in society, huh? Is that why you listen to us, respect us, trust our judgments, value our wisdom……Humanity, you are in TROUBLE. If you are FORTUNATE ENOUGH to have a Capricorn in your life you should start respecting them but you don’t listen not even to this, do you? Go Trump yourself, OK? That’s what I would like to say but I was raised better so I am PRAYING FOR YOU ON MY KNEES. You got a Capricorn on her knees for you, world. Be grateful.

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