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Ridiculous! Impossible. Inappropriate. Oh, yeah?

Right when everything is an absolutely unholy mess and you think it couldn’t possibly get more complicated, the most ridiculously unlikely but cosmic thing happens.

During the last week of October the Sun approaches inferior conjunction with retrograde Venus.
NGS( not gender specific)
The Universe blows in your ear, “Ok,Pal, maybe it’s crazy, maybe it’s fraught with melodramatic twists, maybe just a reaction to recent trip to 1983, maybe it can’t last, maybe you’re just going nuts, but, appropriate or not, forget your troubles for a minute, move over and make room in your heart.

If you’re true to yourself, not too cynical to make a fool of yourself once in a while, and can admit it, when Salome does that dance before the King, as they used to say in Brooklyn,


You could feel an unusually scorching blast and hot spurt of pure, unexpurgated, unadulterated, what romantic fools call
PS it’s not what you can get, but what you can give.

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Well the veil thing is certainly enticing, inviting and symbolic…and what the hell …. it’s all hell and heaven, fun and torture this thing called Love anyway… Let the Little NSG humanoid dance… and dance… and dance until it all gets peeled away… Later Chico xo

These daily messages make my day. Your wit, your wisdom, your irreverence– just what this doctor ordered. Thank you!

A breath of pure fresh air for a venus ruled libran with both orbs acting in disposition of my chart. Cosmic blessings to all beings –
sentient and non-sentient alike.

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