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I love this Sun Venus


And  this conjunction on Oct 26, holds a secret significant link between your past and your future.

Oh, no! 1983 again?????

I do love this retrograde Venus in Scorpio Sun conjunction… although… I must admit, it can be pretty inappropriate and  has gotten me into more trouble than I’d ever care to admit on television or in a private audience with the Pope.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not necessarily lascivious and lewd with you walking around naked in your shoes and socks. In fact it’s not only about raw sexuality. It’s also a highly creative configuration and the spending of high levels of energy on art, whatever your art happens to be. Of course it is also about alimony and inheritance and going through valuables to see what you Want to keep, throw out or in some cases, steal.

I like it, though, because it fosters feelings of love on many levels from adoration to obsessive stalking. But it can also be a pure, abiding and lasting love believe it or not. You must always remember, however, no matter how pure and dedicated you feel, the retrograde of the Venus in Scorpio always has a big catch you don’t find out till you’ve already slept together and are already hooked.

And “hooked“ is a good word to describe it. It’s not always a bad sign so don’t start thinking horrible thoughts about Scorpio.

With Mars and Pluto it won’t take long, but you can be sure more will re-revealed as time goes on. It can be deep and beautiful but I wouldn’t be surprised to be surprised by one or the other person’s previous commitments coming in on the whole deal,  or some melodramatic soap opera twist to heat things up and complicate the affair. You’ve got to be able to make a fool of yourself, or you can’t plan the game.

It is passion, but not always sex sex sex, the way some people jump to conclusions the minute Scorpio is mentioned. To be thorough in our discussion, however, sex sex sex is often a stiff component, age appropriate and legally speaking of course.

Naturally whatever house the Scorpio falls into, (whole sign system) we can see how this seductive conjunction of Sun Venus turns you on.

Whether you’re a stern cynic who has learned to be satisfied NOT falling for anybody, or you’re a stupid idiotic, romantic fool who still believes in love, you have to acknowledge this conjunction one way or another.

Aries: you know you’re still a passionate being and it’s not all about the inheritance or the alimony, it’s about the hunger for fulfillment that persists. 

Taurus: Your fate lies in the hands of under-the-weather companions or reluctant ex partners and associates who for one reason or another cannot part with a dime.

Gemini: Thank God you are so busy these days it helps you enjoy your health improvements and get you off the Darkside that many Geminis have been obsessed with.

Cancer: You may not want to believe in love songs that sing love is the April rose that only grows in the early spring, but right now, resistance is futile. It’s got you where it wants you.

Leo: Feeling under the protection of those who are looking out for your welfare helps you sleep better, especially if there somebody in the house at night.

Virgo: Right now, stay connected with siblings as far as LOVE is concerned, love’ em all but keep  dancing.

Libra: Funny, isn’t it?  Money and material things can matter so much and at the same time not at all.

Scorpio: While your stock is rising,  jump on all opportunities.

Sagittarius: Two words for you right now: stolen kisses.

Capricorn: Helping others out vs the practicalities of life, but you’ve got to be a decent human being now.

Aquarius: Speaking of intimacy  at the moment, who’s on top and who’s at the bottom?

Pisces: Somebody far away loves you, but is long distance live enough?


No matter what your sign or where Scorpio falls in your horoscope with this Sun Venus conjunction in Scorpio, we think of  irresistibly magnetic beauty of course but, in a larger sense another message  comes to mind.


BUT WAIT. There’s more

There’s a cosmic connection, A rather secret and hidden one in this transit of Venus.

It is why we have been talking about 1983. Each person’s story is different, however,  but you will see clearly  this connection As the weeks go on. 

As Venus approaches the point at which it begins to turn direct after it’s retrograde motion between now and December 4, 2018, it hits at 29 degrees of Libra.  It resurfaces the memory of an event  in 1983 that still affects you in all relationships now, whether you were born then or not. 

I am not suggesting  you will hear a loving voice in the dark whisper, “Hi, Honey, give me a kiss” or anything like that,  but you never know. A friendly ghost can show up at any time.


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The chart 6 Dec 1983 is magnificent

3 large excellent paintings I did then for a show in early 1984, have gotten wet & mildewed in my storage shed……One has actual holes eaten by the mold!?????????????????????????????????????????????????

December 4th usually is one of my lucky days. Great write up on Venus.

Met the love of my life 25th of October, 1983.
Left a relationship this month.
Can’t control what others do.

Having direst Venus and Sun conjunct in Scorpio; well let us put it this way; during Venue Retro; I have found myself (over the years) in several DRAMATIC relationship that began in Venus Retro periods….. took years; but when I became way of that time period; the women continued to show up on time; but I learned (finally and the hard way) not to engage. Your assessment of these time periods is RIGHT ON!!!!

December 4 1983 was my wedding day. It did not end well…

learning to tango. hope the dizzy spell passes.

Been in a state of molten rage since the morning of the 24th

Got married on July 10 1983, divorced on April 19 1990 🙂

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