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DECEMBER. 2018 Question: By any chance do you feel happy and sad at the same time? That’s silly, how could you feel both great and terrible in the same moment or at one moment right after the other?

Some doctors called that skitzy or bipolar. Of course in some cases, yes. An unusual form of brain chemistry and early conditioning could certainly lead to complex behavior of every type. But as students of mental and spiritual evolution and Astrology we are challenged to look at and include other factors in our search for explanatory layers to add to strict forms of interpretation, such as the environment – – which in our case includes the planetary weather.

None of this excludes us from the challenge of being obliged to interact socially and on an acceptable level, no matter how we may be feeling on the inside. This year is highly unusual astrologically, and it is that’s perfectly understandable why and how you could be feeling great and totally crappy at the same time. So here is my version:


Jupiter rising above the Sun signifies a form of happiness, gratitude and good humor. That’s the part of you that can raise your glass of bubbly to God – your God, my God, anybody’s God, or no God at all, because, goddamnit, life is sweet with all it’s bullshit you gotta go through. It’s a fantastic blessing to be alive and to know it, and baby, when Jupiter is rising before the Sun, I will wake up and appreciate the whole deal, including when it’s the last drop of coffee in the house and you pour  in the milk before realizing it went sour yesterday. You just laugh and say, “stupid me!” And you go out to Starbucks even though you have vowed never to. 

What the hell you think, you only live once.

But do you?

Saturn in Capricorn is all there to remind you, that you’ve lived many times so watch your behavior in this incarnation. It watches you like a prison matron, reminding you about the rules of the Big House. Rules that were set up before you got there and before you were born.  Saturn reminds you what happens to people who laugh too loud, dance too wild, and have too good of time enjoying themselves and forget about those damn things they call “consequences”.

It is the part of you that remembers to turn off the music at 10 PM because you do not want the damn neighbors to sic their dog  or the landlord on you.

Saturn takes the sugar out of every donut, plus everything else good and delicious, so you end up with a round piece of gluten-free sawdust with a hole in it. 

Ironically Saturn represents everything that is good for you. It helps you save all the good stuff for later, a later which will probably include arthritis or environmental collapse so you won’t enjoy anything  anyway. Although Saturn sucks the Technicolor out of your life, it comes in handy on that rainy day you have been denying yourself pleasure you have been waiting for.

So yeah, truly, Saturn and Jupiter together act as a pair of salt and pepper shakers that flavor your life. They create sensible boundaries so you can drink, but not drink and drive.

But what is really making you secretly sad this holiday season is Chiron’s passage across the terminator line between embittered regret and the joy of being alive.

By all means it’s OK and perfectly acceptable to come home from the gaiety of the office party and cry yourself to sleep.  It is time to recognize impermanence and embrace the fact that all is fleeting.

All is temporary. There’s pain involved in that for sure.

The greatness of Rome was great, but it’s over. The new isn’t born yet, but it is kicking to let you know it is just waiting for the right moment to push the past out of the way and poke its head into your existence.

Sad? Yes, it can be sad. It’s scary, also, when you have to say goodbye to a way of life and you could see it as a tragic part of the saga.

Was it foolish to believe? Was it stupid to cling to an illusion of any kind? Those moments can be scary when you have to walk alone through the door- – maybe even without even your phone!

You have to be enriched  with the knowledge that emptiness is as fleeting a moment as everything else. This is such a moment. Yeah, OK, this is a goodbye to the past.

But hey, with Jupiter rising before the Sun now, at the December lunation in Sagittarius also, hail, Ra! Light of our being. As strong as the darkness, rising again, has it always will (if the military and scientists don’t get there filthy hands on it) rising again as the sun in glory and warmth.

Happy holidays from 

Michael Lutin 2018


Libra Libra rising

It is not uncommon to suffer from abandonment anxiety. In one form or another at sometime or other we all do. Right now yours is at an acute stage, possibly compounded by health issues and in some cases threats of collapse at work – or worse, fears of not being relevant.

Superficial as it may seem, a simple act of reaching out for communication and mental stimulation and connection are brilliant ways to reduce the stresses caused by the issues mentioned above. Of course Time heals all wounds, and as events loom before us they always seem scarier on paper than when they actually take place. At this time the best medicine is NOT being alone. If you have close associates, siblings or relatives you’re still talking to, tap into the miracle of communication and see how It  can lift your spirits.

Scorpio Scorpio rising

Some people think you are one big downer, mainly because as fun, sexy, magnetic, creative and cute as you can be, you do often feel obligated to present the Darkside of everything, and maybe that’s why people see you as the witch at the christening.  And yet… And yet… You can also cling  to your happy, little fantasies about love more than the rest of us which, you know very well are ultimately strictly concepts of the mind, in this case yours which, let’s face it, do not go on forever. Period. Some problems with siblings and communication issue in general are probably beyond your magical healing powers, but let nothing cloud your sense of prosperity and well-being. Your economic stability should be significantly enhanced and be a source of great relief and joy in handling anything and everything that tricky life will hand up to you. Your generosity and heartfelt ability to at least help if not totally heal others will reveal your true human heart. And this is the moment to show it.

Aquarius Aquarius rising

Considering the trying, read “miserable“ transit a retrograde mars conjunct the south node that dominated your activity or lack thereof for the better part of 2018, the presence of Jupiter in the 11th house will definitely provide you with some camaraderie of like minded thinkers so you’re just not alone in your madness anymore. It’s wise for you to remind yourself, frustrating as it may be, that all of this is preparation For the departure of Pluto from your 12 house in a couple of years. So it is beneficial to stay on your spiritual path and remember also how absolutely nuts it is for anyone to believe that money alone will shield them from life’s changes. As already stated, a group of associates raises your consciousness and provides many options  for expansion. Just stay real.

Aries Aries rising

Definitely time to travel to places you’ve never been before. Widen horizons and see the mind-bending beauty of this world in full enjoyment while you can. Nobody can live in grief forever. We all know that the “Specter”is always there.  It sits in the corner of the room in the shadows, clipping its nails all over your clean floor. It’s always watching and waiting. Funny thing, nothing ever grabs you. No matter when, what, or where or how secretly apprehensive you may get, you soldier merrily on. Full of all life energy no one or nothing can ever in impede or eradicate. This is a major truth.

Taurus Taurus rising

Who the hell knows what is going on behind the scenes? Time will tell if you’ve been cheated on or lied to. Don’t waste your time worrying, tearing your hair out impatiently and with anxiety.  Forget  it. You will  be coming into your own soon as never before. And yes, all your old dreams and goals you once held as symbols of your future like lofty lanterns guiding you on, may seem to be losing their glow now. So if you need help surrendering the past goals, wishes and aspirations, it’s entirely in the realm of possibility that you will travel comfortably and ride into the future, probably in business, by a great gift from a generous Universe of courage, enjoyment and enlightenment from every experience, plus a nice healthy chunk of old-fashioned money. 



We are all betting on you to pull us all through now. We know that you’re fighting hard as the mascot of the zodiac at the moment to keep us all pumped up and determined to win this season game against thoughts of failure, self deprecation and blame.

But who is there to help you do that for yourself? You are the captain right at this moment, and the dark pull downward that we see almost everywhere is real enough, insistent denial not withstanding. And and there are certainly realities and contingencies plus individual karma that cannot be wished away. The good news is you have pretty much the entire momentum of the solar system in your hands, so Lordie, if Sadge can’t do it who in tarnation can?

Capricorn Capricorn rising

It is not fun to have to play the heavy and flash the card of TRUTH in front of everybody’s eyes. Yeah, and just when the fun is getting started. And you probably hate yourself a little bit for it, but someone has to be the one to flick the lights and remind all the partygoers that the hall is rented by the hour so all revelers clear out and get to bed at a decent time. If you don’t have any idea what that means, just turn in your Capricorn membership card at the door on your way out.

Major saving grace: thank God you maintain that secret spirit, that spark of kindness and generosity that shows you can also say screw the rules regulations and contracts. You can breach etiquette, bend the rules, show who you also can be, and can allow the miracle of humanity to prevail above the worship of real estate values.

Gemini Gemini rising

Companionship. What a great intervention. Who thought that up? Even if the career thing is iffy, mainly because you cannot trust any so-called pro in the entire whole world now to support what you may have once found a straightforward road to success, you’re not alone in your thinking. It’s like having an elderly parent you have to take care of but cannot trust. That does nothing to reduce your own version of uncertainty about tomorrow. But you have companionship in the form of individuals who provide perspective on every situation. Despite the condition of the economy or anything else you have opportunities and people appearing on the horizon to keep you from feeling alone. Appreciate that. Somebody understands.

Cancer Cancer rising

If you happen to be in the workforce you are now keeping yourself busy and active, and most importantly mentally healthy. That’s all a godsend to prevent you from slipping down word into fears of losing your relevance or your mind. Decide that, if you have a pastime or a hobby that focuses your concentration as you strive joyfully for mastery, that’s really all you need now. There may be someone keeping you on your toes –  a person close to you (sometimes a burden)but who also helps your functioning best by making demands that you have to relate to another human being and not withdraw even when you don’t want to. Be encouraged by the fact that your expertise, your practicality and your willingness to help all those who need it – all that makes you not only relevant but a vital part of everyone’s  life.

Virgo Virgo rising

Is it corny and trite to remind you to stay cozy this season and get closer to whomever it may be for emotional and psychological security? The relationship/marriage thing is kind of wonky to say the least,  and although you still may pretend and hope, do you know that one of these days the Dawn has to come and everyone in the drama has to wake up.  This is a question of boundaries, and it is not clear at all how far you should go how long you should stick around and when do you have to realize that you can’t cure everyone. Love is a funny thing though. It’s like how a great genius artist must be when he or she is scared their creativity has just suddenly disappeared along with their inspiration – gone. Sometimes it’s so gratifying and other times so empty and cold it’s actually scary. But until it comes back, have faith that those you treat as family can provide a wonderful place of intimacy to keep you feeling safe, especially now at holiday time when everybody needs a hearth to warm their hands by.

Pisces Pisces rising

Are you just about to fall apart? Yes, in someways probably so, But believe it or not that’s a good thing. How could that be? Well not really falling apart, but surrendering to the infinite plan that never seems clear but one in which we have to have faith if you have a few honest friends around you to keep you functioning,  you’re in business. A real source of encouragement and success will come from competent, upbeat professionals who offer ways and means, and hope, to restore you. Or maybe it’s your own show that must go on, professionalism that keeps you going, because, you are one hell of a trooper.

Spiritually, this is an exciting moment, mainly because you find yourself at a crossroads between negative cynicism and unswerving belief in a miracle of positive thinking. But by Jesus, at this point you have nothing to lose by letting people who are positive take a crack tt helping you rise up and give it the old college try.

Leo Leo rising

 For many members of your noble sign their sexuality and attractiveness have given them much grief of late. Deep down it’s probably all due to getting older thing, the loss of control and all of those annoying things about inevitability that grab us all at night when we turn out the light. Desperate measures are ultimately in vain, cosmetic or otherwise, mainly because it is the surrender to the passages of life that’s in question. If you stick to traditional ideas of moderation sobriety and proper diet, you will be better likely to thrive.

The best advice is for you to live by the truth of your own heart. Doing so will bring you happiness beyond measure and fulfillment to feel the flow of warmth that erases insecurities and fears, and encourages your total enjoyment of every moment from now on.

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This is one of your best commentaries. Profound and spot on. Thank you.

Thank you, Michael. As usual, you’re right on the money. I think you’re the best astrologer in the business.

I also really liked this. thanks

Nobody quite nails it like you do, Michael. Kudos!

As always, I can look to your words to help me make sense out of all the ‘feels’ I’ve been having and have a better understanding of how to process them to move forward. You’re the best.. fr <3

Thank you Michael definitely reaching out to like-minded thinkers so I’m not alone in my madness anymore.. definitely sticking to my spiritual path and this festive season I shall continue meditating not medicating 🙂 love the Aquarian:)

Thank you–this means a lot!

Thank you so much. General interpretation for December scared me to death because it is so true yet again. I wondered if I should look at Taurus or not. I am glad I did. I hope and pray that Aunt Tilly comes out of this miserable and scary situation soon. I will keep you posted when I see the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

One of your more brilliant ! ✌️❤️🎄

Your words means a lot. Thanks for always being there for me.

I think Saturn allows for the wildest fun, and the consequences are determined by your guest list. Double Cappy in the 3rd degree in Saturn transit #3 says: is our party sustainable? In this mad lib, you pick the next question, because I have to get beck to the party.

and BTW, you are the sunshine of my life, Mikey. thanks for making me think.

As always, you point out that often times the lollypops I find have wool stuck to them. All is really well for me, but I have bleforitis which is not dangerous. It only hurts when I blink. It is going away, but keeps my feet on the terra infirma.

Profound thanks from a Sag. Oh wow!

Ave Marie Guenthner


and thanks!

I have read your forecast many time. Brilliant as usual. Thanks!

Thanks so much for the reassurance that feeling “bipolar” right now is normal. Note to self: Breathe in; breathe out. Repeat.

Colleen Fitzpatrick

So so so insightful and distinctly you. Thank you.

You have amazed me with your wisdom throughout the years. Gratitude for all of your insights.Wishing you many blessings!

For a year was anticipating my daughter’s wedding and spent so much money and time and energy and the big day came and went just recently and….cleansing breath….oh it was fine. All the divorce and dysfunction and toxic relationships had a great time, cheers!….Happy and sad? Nailed it.
Raising a glass, you’ve never looked lovelier.

Brilliant. Again. Thanks.

Thank you Michael – thank you – once again – I didn’t know how much I needed this so truly – thank you.

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