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Lunar eclipse 20-21 january 2019

I am just as iffy about it as everybody else, because I know it’s a big one.  During a lunar eclipse sometimes it looks like the end of the world until you’ve gone through it a couple of thousand times and realize it’s all just part of life.
Deals fall through, shows flop, meetings get cancelled, And somebody or something usually comes along and to take a hunk  out of your cheese.
Part of the lesson in this one reminds you that going with your heart may cost you a little money, but in the end going only with your head and leaving out the experience of true intimacy could  in the long run be an even costlier  mistake.  We are all on the eve of a major change of direction, and this lunar eclipse actually aids in the separation process.
Do something for where it’s going to get you strictly on a career or financial level and you come up empty. Generosity to family or being emotionally real may be a bit embarrassing,  but it will make you a richer, more authentic human being.

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Perfect Michael, thank you. Currently fixing an old wound with an old friend.. A misunderstanding that should never have happened. It’s a little give and take on either side.. 😉 Definitely requires being emotionally real, which is tricky for 2 Aquarians!

I’m not sure how this will turn out for me…There was a meeting this week that caused a major change in work culture, and it confirmed to me that a corporate office job is a poor fit for me in every way, I cannot nor I want to relate to most of my coworkers…I do feel better shutting up most of the day and meeting my hourly quota, and focusing on my relationships with my teachers (including you) and classmates instead. The eclipse itself will coincide with a steep drop in temperature where I live. As far as authenticity is concerned, I did schedule a day off to hunt with a guide.

Being emotionally real!? That’s a problem now! LOL! I was too emotionally real when talking money/biz. Let’s hope it will work out in the long run… 🙈

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