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Last Kicks of Uranus in Aries + Chiron leaving Pisces

It ain’t over yet.  Where your new life will overlap the old.  The point at which new opportunities meet your unresolved issues. But next week it’s still all about where Aries falls in you horoscope, and why Saturn is the key.

Yes, big changes are coming. Options not yet revealed will open up. But let’s not make too many predictions about the entrance of Uranus into the sign of Taurus. The last time it happened Hitler made the swastika the national flag of Germany.  At the same time first antibacterial medication was developed.

And about 600 years earlier than that the bubonic plague broke out, Killing almost 50% of the population of Europe.

But there’s another reason why we shouldn’t go making too many fast predictions yet about the coming changes. Even though in the coming days and weeks Chiron will enter Aries and Uranus will begin a seven year transit of the sign of Taurus. The current transits of Uranus through Aries and Chiron through Pisces are still going to be operating for a while.  We have to remember that it is at the departure at the end of a passage through a Sign where the effect of a planet can be the strongest.

Of course it gets complicated, but even so, it is useful to know how these forces are operating.

The big life changes you are making are grand indeed. One part of your life is over, and it takes quite a while to get accustomed to that idea that you have to let go and move to another level.

It can be a bit painful, sort of like giving birth to an elephant. You’re definitely on the brink. You know changes coming. You know it has to. You’re all geared up for it in some ways and even excited – in this terrifying sort of way. It’s on the edge of tomorrow, but is still very much today.

Oh this is maddening. If only it would happen already whatever it is and stop this anticipation and not knowing. Like the moment between a flash and the shockwave. Or when the ocean drains away from the beach and you know that means tsunami, but the tsunami never happens. It’s a climax you are ready for that will propel you to the next phase of your existence and your evolution whatever but where is it already?

These are the transits Chiron at the end of Pisces at the same time that Uranus is about to leave Aries and enter Taurus both changes will change your game completely.

The wheels that have been stuck in the mud will turn at last. But there’s a twist when both Uranus and Chiron change in early March .

Just to let you know that the move you are anticipating will not be total and immediate, and it will still leave you biting your nails when both those bodies move into their new signs and forward you will go into the wild blue yonder.

There’s a purpose to all this. The back-and-forth actually gives you a chance to contemplate fully and decide on what and how you want to live the next part of your life.

Take a good long time to answer your own questions: is this what you really want? Are you absolutely positive totally sure you want to go? Do you want to stay? Well which is it?

You do have choices and options you didn’t know you had. Make them wisely because they will mark the path of your life for at least seven years and that’s going to be it. So don’t be in a big stupid hurry just because you don’t like uncertainty, uncertainty is the name of the game.

It’s perfectly normal to see your whole life flashing before your eyes now. Whenever a slow-moving planetary body moves across the terminator line of the zodiac, it is natural to review your past and reevaluate your present as a way of moving toward the future. It’s a time to forgive all your trespassers and your own trespasses so you can better judge your progress correct your mistakes and I understand how all your choices lead you to where you are going.

This is a major juncture of your life. So look back to your decisions over the past years, and as just passionately as possible, think carefully now how you want to write the next chapter.

I know there is a tremendous urgency for you to move forward, but ironically just as great and absolutely paralyzing fear of what may be lying ahead if you make a mistake. One side of you is so over the whole thing that you’re willing to grab your coat and hat walk out the door to everything and say, “Ciao baby!“, And never look back. That’s the planet Uranus leaving Aries.

But that’s not all there is. You still have emotional attachments – all those old things that keep your hands tied. Attachments from the past and deep connections that you have made, and it hurts like hell to turn your back on them and walk away that’s the Chiron at the end of Pisces part of your mind.

But both those bodies are moving so what’s the big whoop? Why keep harping on that?

Because change is all there is.