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In another dimension

Somewhere in another quantum Universe ( not ours), intelligent beings care more for the welfare and benefit of others. They do not not scratch and claw for power, control of resources, and supremacy of petty ideologies.

In such a dimension of existence, when seeing that the leader of their world is becoming gravely ill, instead of jeering or plotting against the wounded soldier, the members of all disputing factions step in. They suspend all acts of judgment, strife, disagreement, competition and opportunism, They reach across all boundaries to sincerely offer compassionate help.
No matter how difficult that would be.

No matter what.
Doing so heals all wounds.
Sound completely impossible?
It’s nice over there, though.

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I was saying the same thing to a close friend about a year ago. It’s troubling on so many levels. I fear the ramifications will be felt for many years to come.

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