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If everybody listened to me…

ML’s   irreverent, astrological,   take  on and planetary advice to the newsmakers, heroes and  icons of the world. « Friendly » tips delivered  to celebrities and  leaders  with a ballsy but frank and truthful twist. ML  once told the president of Russia: ”I know you’re doing  exactly What you wanna do and not listening to anybody,but one thing I’m telling you for sure. I don’t care what side you are. no more summit meetings during retrograde Mercury , and that’s FINAL!”  And to Queen Elizabeth II : “The world  considers you Your Royal Highness,  But deferential tradition notwithstanding,  to me you’re just another TAURUS with a voracious  appetite. I think I told you that 35 years ago in Vanity Fair magazine, but did you listen?  So before your head gets too big for your Crown and the monarchy is in danger,  please start thinking about Weight Watchers.«

more to come

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