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How can you take a chance and be careful at the same time? May monthly


MAY MONTHLY 2019  Normally if you ask someone what’s the first thing that comes into mind when they hear the word Taurus mentioned, they might say loyal, stubborn, money, and high cholesterol foods. Don’t be so sure anymore about that Taurus in your life. He or she is no longer the arm chair a lump of Protoplasm so often wrongly attributed to the members of this noble sign. Besides, unless the Tauruses in your life are 87 years old or older,


they have not ever experienced rising every morning with the planet Uranus before.

What does that mean?

Their whole life has been changed and is in the process of changing in a flash. They are learning how to live spontaneously. Nothing is as it was and the predictability that defined them? Out the window.

It may seem as if they are choking on a fish bone, when actually what has gotten stuck in their throat’s is the response they feel like gagging  to unexpected change thrust upon them.

Although sometimes a shock, this marks a re-animation of your life if you are a Taurus or Taurus rising. In some cases this appears in the form of a near disaster and yet  is also transformation miracle. Like you walk away from a plane crash without a scratch, or find out if that dear old uncle Herman has left you a bundle you didn’t expect.

In any case it’s what next? For this new phase of self discovery and personal adventure. But it is a hurricane, so don’t stand barefoot in a pan of water during the thunderstorm.

And if you’re not  NOT  A Taurus this hits All of us anyway, mainly because the New Moon  is zapping  everybody on a high electric charge. We all have Taurus somewhere along the horoscope wheel. It’s tricky, too, because as wild and free as we all may want to be, Saturn in Capricorn is still kicking our royal butts and forcing us to stay within the lines, jobs, relationships and other commitments we’d rather skip over than submit to.

Let’s look at this month’s effects of Saturn and Uranus:


We could call This Your personal PhD program in living in the world, mainly because the May chart is ruled strongly by the ninth house now. This is what School is about and it’s not an elective subject but a mandatory one. Ethics and education take precedence over all of the distractions now. Ironically, however, you cannot absolutely behave and politely and humbly look at your shoes. Your life has been turned upside down by the entrance of the seven-year transit of the planet Uranus. So it’s hard to control anything or stick to anybody’s rules. When events in  your life moves unpredictably faster than your mind,The only way you can keep up is to stretch your consciousness and learn from this whole screwed up experience.


No matter how autonomous or independent you are, everybody ends up with the fact that they have to answer to somebody else. We all do. Despite the freedom you demand and enjoy, you have to be open to examination yourself, or criticism or even the humble acceptance of honor is for your achievements, Or in some cases, the slap in the face you get when you don’t win the Oscar you think you deserve. Got to be a good sport now and except the fact that we all live in a Society, which at the moment is full of madness. Until we change it, rules are rules and laws are laws. Money? From now on be creative, because it’s not there and then it is and that it’s not and then it is. Markets are wacky.


After much heartbreak and disappointment in relationships and after learning you must let go, you some  freedom now to run through the meadow or walk along the beach, and clear the air and your head. Freedom to think really will help your heart which in some cases still somewhere seems to stubbornly hold you emotionally captive and temporarily frozen. Love and or children who restrict your freedom remind you that love is about responsibility even when that is boring.


Work. When you love what you do every day, it’s not work at all. You become so much a part of your daily routine you go on auto pilot. There is, however,  a great difference between seeking mastery with discipline and attention to detail, and living a zombie, soulless, regimented routine life. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, money, work and recognition success may be uppermost in your mind, you absolutely refuse  you have anybody looking over your shoulder and asking you where you are what you’re doing,  clocking you in and out.

But that’s exactly where dedication comes in and  real freedom is achieved.


You’re lucky you can still stand apart from all the madness of politics, control freakery and all of the insanity that is Taking place in the business world today.. Even though you are in your own misty sometimes frustrating fog, Neptune affords you the distance to be witnessing to the fray as well as the noise of the braying donkeys and trumpeting elephants – – All viewed  your own private haze. Even if you are the kooky outsider with off-the-wall philosophy – (or so they think),  they are all the crazy ones. You are a little more vocal than usual with your nutty but brilliant perspective, but just be careful not to get dragged into the dynamics of your peers which, to tell the truth, is sheer unmitigated insanity.


It has got to be tough to sit there and watch what is going on right now in front of your eyes and not be able to start screaming. If you could take over and if people listen to you (right now they don’t get it)

But you have to keep somewhat quiet and restrained. You can’t just take over the whole deal quite yet. When the day comes when you finally do, you will probably wonder why it took you so long to remain  in the back ground.Just keep serving your time now and everything will eventually fall into your lap. When your planetary dispisitor Uranus is sweeping across the bottom of your solar chart,  it may not be a cozy moment  so just keep a bag packed at all times.


Playing the executioner or the heavy in the drama is not easy and takes guts and faith You’re doing the right thing.Let us not imply that everything that is happening is your fault.  You are as fun – loving as the next sinner and need as much love as everybody else, but you must admit that you are frustrated and angry and tired of taking responsibility for everything. In short, you are fed up. You’re not in a playful mood these days, so everybody has to cut you some slack. And if they can’t, then  out with the trash they go. Except for one thing: underneath your hardening exterior you need people and intimacy. Dammit!


For all your openness and candor you really hold a lot of your own private issues inside. That’s why a lot of people think you breeze through life with no concerns at all. They just see you as forthright and right up front.. The fact is you do keep a lot in, partly because people expect you to be the all jolly fix-it person, and God knows with Jupiter your planetary ruler, you do always seem to pull out of every situation much faster and with much less damage than most other people. Right now you’ve got major money concerns and some health issues that require out-of-the-box medical measures. So with Jupiter retrograde now you maybe can’t be as jolly and supportive as normal but Never forget that everything is a lesson you can learn from it and another thing:you always pop back up


We have been talking for months about Gemini in the eighth house Pluto Saturn South node transit in Capricorn, so you have already heard me and other astrologers confirming how on the edge you have been lately. Nobody can blame you for being a little jittery. You’re normally skin see fun self has been challenged by greater uncertainty than you’ve ever known

. It’s shocking to realize that even Peter Pan has mortality to face. The planet Uranus has just entered your 12 house, and that means you need to surrender to an even deeper and more rewarding comfort and understanding of following the path of energy guy no matter what is going on outside.


Appreciating relationships is easy except when you are being held prisoner by them. When the object of your interest and affections is right there, present and thriving along with you it’s exciting. Hard, though, when the other person is light years away geographically or otherwise, sometimes going through things you have to accept whether you understand them or not. That’s thanks to a cluster of planets in the seventh house: heavy ones. That is why you need periodically to be lifted out of yourself by the sudden appearance of friends in groups of people who take you away from your relationship issues— the heavy ones.For that you have to trust people whether they seem reliable or not.. .


It would be wonderful if somebody could come along to tell you the trick answer to that Libra question right now: how to keep the family from falling apart when youknow change is inevitable? When transformation is at hand, It’s not always a big help to hear that it’s the planets clustering around the fourth house South Node. When your jeep connections are concerned it’s all a lot of  blah blah blah, especially when the very structure of your security is sagging dangerously. One answer can be found in the transit of your fifth house ruler of the eighth. Understanding the brevity and fragility  of this thing we call life.  It may at first for us seem like a spooky preoccupation. The more you investigate the concept the more your creativity will be awakened. And that will carry you brilliantly through.


Set an extra place at the table. New people are coming into your life unexpectedly. (Of course some are leaving also to make room) . But the new contacts are fascinating as well as fascinated with you, so it’s not going to be boring. You’re opening up whether you like it. Do be a little discriminating in your choices, however. If you’re too open, you’ll attract escapees  from the funny farm. You can thank a fifth house Neptune for that. So heavy, deep and real communications make light conversation an absurd waste of time now. Then again, nobody wants to hear somebody’s grim projection and outlook. Real communication deepens and heals all bonds.

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love your compassion for what everyone is experiencing now… feeling knocked around and down and hopeful at the same time…rather schizoid but fascinating at the same time…well i guess we can all use multiple personalities in moments of the ever imaginative wtf…. thanx michael…

Hi Michael thank you this Taurus girl is going crazy I thought I was the only one who knew your guidance is invaluable. Much love to you and yours.

I got a big laugh out of reading the Taurus monthly that came out on the same day that big horse racing news occurred. The horse that had always done everything amazingly calmly and correctly, and had won every previous race, suddenly decided not to behave, and uncontrollably went sideways to the right, then immediately went back sideways to the left while running in the Kentucky Derby. He then settled down as if nothing at all had happened and primly finished first. Unfortunately, he was disqualified for breaking the rules. A disqualification like this had never happened in the 145 year history of the Derby. He is a Taurus born horse.

Melonie Carpenter

I’m always amazed at how right on target you are. Not once but every time. It’s always reassuring to know your not alone in the mix of things. My daughter asked me if you wrote Pisces just for her.

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