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Death anxiety and astrological practice

Part one

What’s all this crazy talk about death anxiety. Is it real?
Of course not.
So why is everybody suffering it if it’s not real?
What is does the dictionary say?
“The apprehensive or uneasy feeling right now is caused by the awareness of death.”

So why now? It’s no different from any other time.
Ah but it is.
And without knowing it
You’re probably out acting out in many crazy way.
Actually you’re not really crazy. You’re just reacting to death anxiety.
But it’s just Saturn going direct and demanding justice isn’t it?
No, this is not just Saturn going direct and Capricorn on the lunar node and its own planetary node.
This is different. This is much darker.
This represents the perversion or transformation of justice itself.
So, even if you were searching to remain grounded and living up to your commitments, and acting with integrity; it’s all changing.
This is a great transition for you in your life and the situation that you face whatever it is, you are really facing your own death as well—symbolically.
That is intolerable to contemplate for most of us, so we flee it, or at least try.

Normally Saturn direct means simply that if you’ve done the best you can over the last five months or so, stayed coloring within the lines, except for a few, (ahem), minor deviations, and kept cosmically “kosher’ your actions, motives, and wishes to advance your life, increase your prosperity, stay healthy and generally stabilize your life without stepping on your neighbor, you have nothing to worry about.

Seriously, if you’ve done your sincere utmost to keep your affairs in order and remain on top of things with diligence and integrity, you have every right to proceed with cautious optimism and humble pride toward your goal of peace and prosperity, wherever the road may wind.

I’m serious, right and moral action speak a lot for your future, no matter how clouded it looks from here. Adding Pluto to the mix makes the whole uncertainty thing a lot scarier, mainly because, Pluto always comes in with spooky visions of disastrous and tragic possible scenarios to freak you out, just when you’re about to march forward whistling a happy tune. But why worry if there’s nothing to worry about?

End of Part One Stay tuned

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Michael, once again you have absolutely nailed it! You do us all a great service to share your messages with us and to help us describe the energy that is driving us all crazy with fear and suffocating anxiety. Thank you. I am so grateful!

I am re-considering removing the poison ivy from my yard myself. It is embedded in the trunk of two trees. Once I get that off, who knows what I will “find underground.” I am starting to identify when things are “too hard” and not try them. New for me.

Yup! Night terrors this last week. Not a thing I usually get. Again, you’re bang on.

Perversion or transformation of justice. Wow. I’m calling perversion.

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