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Relationships can flip in 2 1/2 seconds. I wouldn’t exactly call it disloyal to your betrayal, mainly because it goes both ways. People you dissed or who dissed you ages ago find themselves in completely different circumstances now. And, with the planet Uranus now in tourist they are all singing different tunes… And so are you.
Uranus now in the sign of Taurus signals such a twist and keeps your head spinning with how fast people can be picked up and dropped off.
Which only adds to the wackiness of shifting alliances in the effort to stabilize income, hang onto assets and find comfort and security.
But it’s not really stable at all, Because it is largely being manipulated by those who enjoy playing for high stakes and plunking the heartstrings of the rest of us.
 FUGGEDDABOUDIT. With Aquarius is one interruption after another. Oh sure, the usual sudden arrivals and departures, sprained ankles, toilet overflows and unusual dizziness. The planet Uranus in the financial sign makes prediction of assets long-term impossible. The lesson is, let it in let it out.
To control the flow would be virtually impossible unless you’re a genius, because with the seven-year transit of this planet you have to use every bit of creative genius you’ve got to flourish and prosper.