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Saturn Pluto and the Holocaust

Something else: Saturn Pluto together also rule immense cruelty on a large scale and the purging that accompanies it. We have all just experienced such a holocaust of staggering proportions. The ghastly death of 1 billion sentient beings in Australia must be considered a holocaust. By no means does this diminish The horror of the holocaust in Germany in World War II. But the extermination of 1 billion sentient beings must be considered a tragedy of gargantuan proportion‘s. If you or any of your parents or grandparents were born with Saturn Pluto in the sign of Leo close together let’s say the 1946-48 You probably already know that you are unexplainably cosmically attracted and connected to Jewish and German people, mainly because in 20th century terms the Saturn Pluto conjunction Leo of 1947 1948 represents the aftermath of the World War II Holocaust and the genetic memory in connection with Israel, Palestine and the whole issue of anti-Semitism, probably going back thousands of years. We have just experienced with the death of the animals in Australia a different sort of holocaust, Maybe to differentiate we need to find another word for what just happened: The extermination by fire of 1 billion sentient beings. Let’s just call it the Saturn and Pluto of 2020. Such an event will mark this era and this Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn deep in the consciousness of the citizens of Earth from now and ever more.