Daily Fix

12 Apr: The world is holding its breath tonight.

And so are we.

10 Apr: ExaltedSun/Pluto/Mars…etc

More than Just staying alive, an Exalted Sun/Pluto/Uranus disposed of by Mars/Saturn = triumph of your individuality & creative will, but mindful there’s no escaping the System. At least for now.

09 Apr: Hey, where’s everybody going?

  What’s with all this quitting-your-job-and-moving-out-of-state business? You think life’s going to be wonderful just because you change the scene? Stay tuned for more on the astrology of That.

09 Apr: Squeezing through

Although maybe much narrower, can’t give up.

YOU STILL HAVE OPTIONS getting in or getting the hell out

08 Apr: Hello from sanity

this now with MARS/SATURN/PLUTO battling CHIRON/NEPTUNE: Right while you’re smack in the middle of doing something really really stupid and crazy, the sane part of you taps your insane mind on its shoulder, and whispers, “Hey Buddy, do you realize your unconscious drives, wishes and instincts have locked you into to this same idiotic, self-destructive thing you’re doing—exactly the same shit you’ve already been doing a million times with the same moronic result? You’re its prisoner!”
And you whisper back, “ I know. I know, but I’m busy at the moment. l’ll get back to you.”
And your sane mind thinks to itself , » Jesus! I AM doing something crazy. »
And then you keep doing it till you’re done.

07 Apr: To the unknown future

May all beings who have endured a crippling tragedy be liberated from their pain and sorrow, and may they soon receive wonderful news which, like a magic carpet, flies them toward a heretofore unimagined, adventurous future. WARNING: Do not confabulate. There’s always a twist.

05 Apr: You gotta be kidding me.

You mean the only way out of this Chiron thing is prayer? Damn!

04 Apr: Ev..ery…thing…seems..to be…….ta..king…sooo…long… to…ha…..pppp..en……

Ev..ery…thing…seems..to be…….ta..king…sooo…long… to…ha…..pppp..en……
But the you can’t rush the process when forever is involved.

02 Apr: A fun-filled Moon in Scorpio day

31 Mar: MarsSaturnPluto Power

Mars conjunct Saturn/Pluto: supreme joy in reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and accomplishing the impossible by carefully and skillfully exercising caution and expertise, ORLanding in the hospital with a cracked skull because you ran across a wet floor when you were in a big, stupid hurry