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06 Nov: Venus at healing point of recent lunation

Back pain or not, Venus at a healing point for this most recent New Moon, so remind yourself:

« This is now. This is not then. I have experience, wisdom and resources available to me now, unknown to me or my parents in the past. May I proceed with grace, beauty, Peace and prosperity. May all sea turtles find their home. »

Here’s the message if you Didnt get it yet:

04 Nov: Lower back pain and Saturn/Pluto

Some issues, when unresolved, linger in the body for years, especially when not consciously remembered or addressed. One reason for lower back pain in this Full Moon Could be a memory left over from events of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra back in the early 80’s.
Hence why we offered this message:


03 Nov: Full moon 4 november 17

Tolja this Full Moon was about hunger for human contact and surprise reversals. Tonight we’re all a bunch of starving babies.
PS How long must we be dragged back to 1983?

27 Oct: Jupiter in Scorpio:The potential of being alive

A year-long transit beginning October 2017.

So do we wash our hair, lay out our Sunday best, Get all scrubbed up and ready to be scooped up and carried off toward Bliss by a flock of doves?
Or should we just roll our eyes, Yawn and mutter, “No big deal. The last time this happen d nothing happened.

Jupiter brings good news and always improvement.
Always. Entering Scorpio in October 2017 as it has, under a lunation opposing Uranus, unexpected ingredients are sure to be thrown into the soup at the last minute.
Your life is unfolding, Developing and expanding, both because of
and in spite of the transit of Saturn in Scorpio from 2013 to 2016. With its valuable lesson of impermanence it brought hardship and in some cases crippling events. It was particularly difficult owing to the residual effects of its passage through Scorpio in the mid-1980s.

Emotionally it was a train wreck
A slash across the soul with the blade of reality. So thank the heavens for this coming transit of Jupiter in Scorpio!
It is a healing vibration not to be missed or undervalued or ignored.
It is truly an oasis that appears amid the parched Desert under a broiling, uncompromising Sun.
Everybody gets a break now.
Whether you have been a perfect angel or a rotten, lousy stinker all year, everybody gets a break now.

Be aware that the nature and scope of a Jupiter transit is directly influenced by the nature of Jupiter’s position in your birth horoscope.
It does not miraculously cure a lifetime of endogenous depression or make all the goblins disappear.
But everybody gets a break

It’s the little bird singing on a branch outside your window, warbling a tune and praising existence. It will show up as many life-saving discoveries.
It can be an antidote to suffering, miracle for the super godly or a hot night for the horny.
Jupiter gives us all a chance to lift up our heads from our wearying toil,stretch our aching backs, soothe the calluses on our hands, find a moment of creative release and joyfully give thanks for being alive.

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26 Oct: A big one

With Jupiter momentarily invisible, maybe you can’t see that you are having good luck. In fact in some cases it’s even almost too much of a good thing, a big one.

25 Oct: Strraannngge bedfellows

Sun Opposition Uranus

24 Oct: Quite a jolt!

  1. Remember  this when  making plans now: the lunation took place opposite Uranus: Whatever you think might happen won’t, but you’ll probably get the last piece of news you’d expect.