Daily Fix

06 Sep: It ain’t over yet

The eclipse is far from over.
Just wait till Venus gets there around the 17th-18th of september.
Then you’ll see why I begged everyone to stay in the North node
And why, against all odds and across all lines,
There is no escape from the need for intimacy,

Two male lions Panthera leo lying side by side, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

05 Sep: Why i love pisces

Because I can’t resist  being in love with the whole universe and never could.

04 Sep: There’s nowhere to run

 Mercury directed the eclipse point:

A  futile attempt to escape authentic intimacy

03 Sep: From August 22

As Mars moves to the Eclipse Point the first couple of days of September, you should clearly see the effects of your actions and responses during the big moment. And…you’ll understand why there is absolutely no turning back. If you came truly from the heart you’re ahead of the game.

03 Sep: Uh-oh. A little voice in your head…

A little voice in your head starting to whisper, “what were you thinking?”
If So, it’s ok if you Kinda feel like the guy above.





03 Sep: Eclipse takeaway to remember

Mercury and Mars over the eclipse point to remember for a long time:
In all matters of human intimacy–on stage, in the bedroom or the Board Room,

01 Sep: Mars at 28leo

Passionate, intimate human love ignited by affectionate aggression.
Appreciate it but never take it for granted

01 Sep: Mars at the Eclipse point

Now that you have seen into the deepest Core of your heart—Now you know…
Flattened by the memory of unsustainable ecstasy, Marushka moaned.

If you can’t take misery, she smiled, ” at all costs stay away from love.”

01 Sep: Mercury direct 5 sept–back to normal? Uh-uh

Returning to normal?
Not quite.
The direct motion of Mercury in Virgo does restore healthy rational perspective. No matter how disrupted your everyday life has been or how far you’ve deviated from routine, you have to restore some shred of order.

And impossible though it may seem, something akin to sanity does return.

Not quite.
Not quite at all.
Gotta be careful tho. Mercury can create its worst mental pandemonium in the days and hours just before moving from retrograde to direct.
So don’t rush it.
Don’t push it.
It’s what squeezed Bush into the White House in 2000.

Tuesday 5 September is a wiser moment to place your bets.

But will your life be Normal?
Not quite.
The Solar Eclipse of
21 august 2017
Has changed many lives forever.
If you can face yourself boldly, you will see that you have been touched so profoundly, personally and so permanently that you need to make room for a fresh avenue of creativity, new life style and total shift in emotional self- expression.
After that, more or less normal.
Whatever happens thanks to Virgo you’ll keep on ticking
Just have to integrate what has happened with your old “normal” life style.

31 Aug: Here comes Mars

with the meaning of the eclipse. Facing yourself on a level this deep will come with a blinding flash. It will hurt for only a horrible second, but you’ll be forever glad you Didnt close your eyes. Stay in the NorthNode.