30 Jul: A week that lasts months

The aftermath of an eclipse means that we must now make the changes brought on by the eclipse, so it’s not really “over.” And this Mars  transit we’ve been talking…

10 Jun: G7 Gshmevven

Alliances are breaking down left and right as secret ones are forming. Pay no attention to the illusion of political parties. they’ve become obsolete. More likely, however,   The real…

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06 May: Coup? Coup? Who talkin’ coup?

When the coup took place…Mars was where the Moon is now. And Mars is approaching that point in the next several days signal the harbinger of revolution. It’s subtle but…

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09 Apr: Hey, where’s everybody going?

  What’s with all this quitting-your-job-and-moving-out-of-state business? You think life’s going to be wonderful just because you change the scene? Stay tuned for more on the astrology of That.

17 Feb: In case you forget

   Chiron end of Pisces, this is what it means: There’s a very faint line between Ecstatically doing it for love no matter what the result because God and the…

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