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Pisces: Gotta love it


The terminator line between reality and fantasy is blurred. It is vital at least to attempt to sort out rationally the events of the last several weeks.
God knows I’ve been hounding everybody to be alive and aware of the fact that your life has moved or rather you have been moved by the Solar Eclipse.

At the moment of this Full
Moon in Pisces it’s clear that you have to at least try to sort out confusion from fact and make sense out of the mess.

I shouldn’t say mess because there’s room for chaos in this world even though it is often imposed upon us.
Sometimes it comes from the external world and the people and relationships we have going, and sometimes it lies in the environment around us, which seems to be falling apart.

But the Sun opposite Neptune,
Concurrent with this Full. Moon in Pisces, brings the Transit of Neptune in Pisces once again into very blurred focus.

When I went to learn surfing at surfing school a few years ago, I was unanimously voted
the world’s worst surfer.
One thing I did learn: My teacher told me to love the ocean, embrace the ocean, respect the ocean, but never turn my back on the ocean.

With Neptune its the same way.
So accept the fact that you’re only half crazy, embrace your emotions, love your emotions, respect your emotions, but don’t turn your back on them..
Regular readers of
must certainly have their Neptune in Pisces message by now.
We first offered it quite a while ago when Neptune entered that sign.
   If you  dont have it yet,
Get it now.

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Hi Michael,
Hope you are well. Harvey has left a HUGE MESS in Texas. But I still think there is a HUGE UNIVERSAL message to be had from all of this. Houston, in my opinion, is a city FOCUSED on MATERIAL SUCCESS, FAME, FORTUNE, etc., I think this hurricane forced many to look at the RICHES OF SPIRIT, the glory in the human connection, and the fact that all us have to identify how we can contribute to the bigger picture. It’s not about “ME” it’s about “WE.”

And I think I sent you that Vedic Astrologer’s take on all of this. She talked about 29 degrees and early degrees, etc., I have a 29 degrees Pisces Ascendant. My life has been all about transformation, change, and challenges. But it’s also been about rising from the ashes, helping others and reinventing myself. Also, she talks about how the 29 degrees in a water sign is about drowning. Especially when it’s in Cancer. Do you agree with that or not? You read my chart when you were in Houston. You told me I was capable of great things. Maybe you were just being nice, huh?
Mary Ann Faremouth-Sandland

michael; I AM A LIBRA WITH A PISCES MOON…………… does the above affect me? xo susan rolfe

Thankyou for your insight, Michael Lutin!

hi,i’ve got venus in pisces at 29 degrees too, i’ve spent my whole life serving really in one way or the other…chef and now health and care advocate, it’s in my 10th house so it’s been a career…i’m living in the uk and saw swanky homes in florida with no defences from the ocean…people trying to fly out of the islands but having no money to pay for an aeroplane….so desperate and unfair.

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