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New moon between Scorpio and Sagittarius

Whether you believe in the theory of evolution or not, something did happen and is still happening. Some intervention of some kind has occurred to produce the spark that continues to elevate humanity.

In astrology we call it the ninth cusp, or that point right now just ahead of the New Moon at the end of the eighth house of the world.

It’s the point we are each of us individually and collectively moved from being driven by primitive instincts of desire and survival upward to the power of thought and intelligence to solve problems and adapt intelligently to challenging situations.

This New Moon moves us all from lower lower selves to our Higher Selves.
The mind is winning. Something is clicking down where your legs meet the rest of you as we ascend from body to mind.

From the orgasmic grunt of a primitive beast to the romantic brilliance of
“La Bohème”


Aries Aries Rising
Your brain has been getting a pretty good work out lately – – in a good way of course. You have been successful as all get out educating yourself and using your mind to remain positive and view your life with greater perspective.
As brilliant, rational and upbeat as you are ( there’s no sign like Aries for beating depression), you still must acknowledge your more primitive instinctual drives and wishes that have little or nothing to do with rational thought.
That said, there is something almost divine in your ability to be able to think before you act. Or rather at least think before you act and get yourself into a heap of trouble.
Fun, though, to challenge the Devil. And still be winning.Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Even Tauruses—with all your resistance to change, you all have the same or similar experience in relationships. You need to be almost forcibly carried off on a horseback by someone greater and more magnetic than you are. Or think you are. That’s how the universe get you to budge.

You are now in someone else’s arms. You are under a spell of sorts and in the care and watchful eye of individuals you cannot seem to escape. In a good way of course. You are also being provided for, so debts May mount up but will eventually get paid off, Material or spiritually.
As for the inner turmoil demanding that you let go of everything from the past – – that’s the task of 2018: have faith, liberation is on the way. Meantime, avoid all shady or a magical promises. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist


Gemini Gemini rising
The liberty you have known can be quite intoxicating and seductive, mainly because as a Gemini nothing should tie you down or hamper your mobility.
Well, not quite true. You do have a commitment to health and service that actually keeps you going. Especially when you remember and reconnect with your desire to help others and stay as healthy as humanly possible.
Such endeavors do reduce all irritation of all kinds call and yes, maybe even the pressure of Saturn’s Passage through your seventh house. That planet has made sure you remain loyal and faithful, even if it has also put an agonizing limit to all your freedom. Geminis always find wiggle room, though. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist


Cancer Cancer rising
Love? Love?? With everything else going on in your life, how could love even still be an issue? Well, yes, it is, and thank God for that. It’s not merely a distraction from any health obstacles or work responsibilities that have interfered with absolutely almost all your fun. Or tried to.
We say almost, mainly because you would always still be able to give it up for laughter, good times, the joy of the kids, and even romance if it came along.
Defiant to the end… That’s a way to describe the effect of the transit of Uranus overhead. So you’ll never let them hear you cry, “Uncle” till they come take you away, Which, with the New Moon in your fifth house, you are definitely not ready to have them do. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist


Leo Leo rising
Some Leos would go mad sitting home and contemplating their navel, now when they would be much more comfortable Out on stage receiving a standing ovation. It’s not the perfect moment for that now. At all.
You’re better off right now tapping back into family and intimate connections, mainly because, thanks to Saturn’s position in your fifth house, many members of your noble sign need time to come back from the big egg they laid on stage.
Enlightenment Is the great reward. You don’t have to fly to the Himalayas and go looking for your guru to remind you what liberation of the mind really is. In fact it’s right there in your kitchen AND your bedroom. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Virgo Virgo rising
Don’t worry—you’re not going skitsy. You can’t be really totally focused on one thing right now, though. Well, actually, yes, you are, all though you better make a list, mainly because you are trying to focus on eight different things at once.
You’ve got to pay attention to siblings and relatives. The family and domestic situation, politically and emotionally, are tiring you out. Somehow you have to find it in your deepest self to be present and able to manage emotionally and intellectually.
Debt? It’s bound to be an issue when Uranus is in the eighth house. The good news is, despite the unexpected expenses that it brings, relief can come just as surprisingly at the last three seconds of the game.
Most important now: real conversations: R E AL, Facing truth and bravely be able to talk about it. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Libra Libra rising
All those material trinkets and doodads – – they ARE all just material things. So what’s the big whoop? Why would you cling so fiercely to money and the material world, when deep down you know that all the things we strive to acquire are merely illusions of permanence that do not actually exist.
You put on a terrific act for the world, but for all your positive attitude, which by the way has been super upbeat, you can feel pretty alone when it comes right down to it, especially if and when people you count on appear and disappear in a puff of cloud.
Fact is, with your planet Venus rising in detriment before the sun at Dawn it’s hard to fight your wish to hang on to what you’ve got. Besides, that’s what keeps you alive and surviving. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Scorpio Scorpio rising
You are a creator, and no matter how much you’re often conniving to have your share of the deal, you can never do anything just for the money. Right now the money counts, however, and you’ve got to count your pennies because the options have been narrowing.
Find your inspiration again, you must, mainly because it’s the artist deep within you who drives you—not the financial reward. Never let anything come between you and your creativity even if at the monent you have to yield to commercialism. Find new and unusual ways to break away from boring routines and present your material in an outrageous completely out of the box way.
Just as you have found new ways to deviate from traditional modes of health and hygiene, so must you Apply genius and novelty to work. Approach Media the way Nobody else does.Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Sagittarius Sagittarius rising
It’s been a big ouch. Many Sadges Have been greatly humbled by the Transit of Saturn through your sign.
Period. With that passage, however, comes insight and gratitude for the gift of wisdom, self knowledge and courage to continue exploring life. Believe it or not,other people lack
Such a gift.
But for you life has to be more than just survival. The showbiz face you put on for the world may be strictly automatic and hormonal when it Flashes your smile, but you possess something adamantly determined to have a damn good time, no matter what is going on behind closed doors or backstage.
The pull downward must still be conquered by a diligent faithfulness to the principle of forgiveness and compassion –To and for others but
Especially to and for yourself. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Capricorn Capricorn rising
It’s not only politically or professionally wise, but here’s a human thing to do now:?Make an effort— a special effort to maintain certain friendships.
Quite frankly, you are probably sick of everybody by now. Nonetheless make the effort in this 11th house New Moon. We all know how difficult the position of Saturn at the end of the
12 th house can be. It can siphon the last seven drops of energy, patience and enthusiasm you’ve got. Paradoxically benevolence and patience can also be the sources of your greatest creative genius and spiritual understanding.
Couple that with your tremendous ability to hold the family together under crazy conditions, and anyone can see why you’re a leader and a winner.
Right now you just gotta hang on. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Aquarius Aquarius rising
A New Moon overhead always brings professional support and gives you a boost The jolt of energy relaunches you so you can proudly hold your head up in public. People can clearly see that you’re still up there and productive.
It may bug you that your direction is still not totally clear, so you’re not sure which way you want to go. If you’re beginning to feel that your time has come, you’re not seeing that yiu have indeed got plenty of juice left
It’s just that the planet Uranus, one of your primary cosmic forces in the solar third house, describes your ambivalence, enjoyment of the fluidity and flexibility of being able to split yourself off and actually be into places at once. But even that has to be getting old. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist

Pisces Pisces rising
Despite that pesky Transit of Saturn that has come between you and authority figures in the past couple of years, maybe now you are able to start looking elsewhere for a freer way to help humanity—and have a life too.
This new ninth house moon, comes with a flood of new and great ideas. You do need more options than ever to expand your horizons explore the world of art and music. And..just generally turn on your roaming device. You need more freedom.
Funny, though, you probably should not move forward too quickly without passing through the proper chain of command and the politics and the system you believe should not have any control over you. For the moment it does. Extended message: SEXUAL OBSESSION: An astrological twist



0939 – A scene from the Canadian Opera Company production of La Bohème, 2013. Photo: Michael Cooper

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