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Full moon in Aries who’s on top?

Venus Mars 18 virgo at full moon aries

Remember earlier this year when Venus and Mars were doing their cosmic dance? When Venus was in Pisces, she was in control. When Mars transited Aries, HE was in control. Back-and-forth back-and-forth.
Venus in exaltation in Pisces, added glamour, magnetism and an irresistible attractiveness to our female side. A dignified Mars in Aries exuded and all expressed pure power through the male side of us.
We all have both, Male and female with in us in this world of duality in which we live. We are attracted to complement one side or the other, despite our physical gender.

It’s not simply the traditional battle of the sexes. It is rather how relationships should be—a dance, a sharing of strengths, a balance of control, a beautiful pas de deux—, In business or personal life, Whenever two people get together in love or business to produce something valuable and lasting.

That dance is going on again right now With the full moon in libra and Aries— male and female, Active and passive, bottom and top.
Venus and Mars both together in the sign of Virgo will put HIM in the driver’s seat again for a while – – Why should the make part of you have dominion over the woman part of you for the moment?

Mars in the second decanate Virgo is the area of the exaltation of Mars. Venus is a bit weaker there and at the moment must yield to the male in all of us.
With Pluto and Saturn also configured nearby, it takes all the skills we have in us to remain united. It can be a battle for control and we will see now how strong the bonds actually are, and how much they can be tested without breaking. We will see just how far people are able to push it before the bough breaks and down comes baby cradle and all

If you want to read the funniest, wickedest, mind-crunchingly hysterical and most insightful piece of Astrological literature on your relationship patterns (The ones you repeat endlesslyover and over-this is the work I have greatest pride in. It is been in seven printings, and even my family likes it.

It’s called “MADE IN HEAVEN”
The astrology of why the people you are attracted to eventually drive you crazy and what you can do about it.

You’ll with laughter and gasp with horror, but your relationships will change for the better forever.
That’s a promise.
If you’ve never read it, read it now.

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It’s a great book!

ILove you and your Made in Heaven book. Thank you Mikey Lutin you are the Man on The Knowing Moon and it’s looney lunations and how us earthlings relate here on Gaia . Keep on, keep on, You are helping us creative crazy humans! We are here trying again and again… love on 🙏🏼

Best read ever!! Refer to Made in Heaven often. Unlike other “astrology” books. Written for everyone’s delight interests and amusement!!

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