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Weird November

This month the heavens are as hard to figure out and project as all of the crazy weather. Actually that is usually the way it is. The Astrological configurations reflect what is going on in everybody’s head – – and vice versa.
November is a perfect example. So we have to pretty much take an existential attitude and tell ourselves that it’s not just one thing after another as usual.
After we recognize there is a bigger picture that lies underneath all our own little stories, we see things as the more significant part of our personal evolution.

The new moon which triggers the energies of the month ahead began in October at the end of Libra.
Even below our conscious awareness we are all dealing with the process of resolution of a planetary aspect that occurred more than 30 years ago and we’re playing it out now.
It has been reenacted by the position of Uranus at the end of a cardinal sign and will be operating until next May.

We are able to see the more obvious issues of the day with the full moon in Taurus. Also, however, in deeper, more unconscious ways, hardly knowing why, we have thoughts and emotions that drive us forward without our awareness.

So November reveals our “local story” or the conscious preoccupation as well as the deeper issues we are working out to unlock past trauma:


Conscious preoccupation:
Enjoyment of financial security for the taste of luxury
Unlocking past trauma
Ferocious decision to maintain autonomy after being walked into a relationship with no way to get out

Conscious preoccupation:
Gaining stability from handling daily pressures and responsibilities
Unlocking past trauma:
Deepening a commitment to the work you do and living Or healthier lifestyle without fear of enslavement or starvation and maintaining faith in the face of losing control

Conscious preoccupation: the money to live on without appearing greedy
Unlocking past trauma:
Going as far as you can to prove your love, unselfish and loyalty while maintaining freedom and unconventional lifestyle

Conscious preoccupation:
Finding people you can depend on and live in the style you can accept
Unlocking past trauma:
Seeking a home and security without feelings of abandonment while dealing with unpredictable authority figures, mother child relationships

Conscious preoccupation:
Your career, reputation and public life
Unlocking past trauma:
Communication with siblings and the people around you, witnessing or being victimized by inappropriate or cruel interaction, insistence on freeing the mind

Conscious preoccupation:
Travel And the cost of,
Foreign currency, higher level of finance
Unlocking past trauma:
Financial survival,
Overcoming death anxiety, dealing with debt

Conscious preoccupation:
Thrift, reducing expenses, Business contact sexual contact or lack
Unlocking past trauma:
Enforced complete change of identity,
Surrender to destiny, letting go, unpredictable relationships

Conscious preoccupation:
Physical contact and oral satiation
Unlocking past trauma:
Recommitment to spiritual path despite deception, disappointment, or fraud,  unusual  message and measures to keep your health

Conscious preoccupation:
The cost of decent healthcare,  steady employment
Unlocking past trauma:
Unusual change in friendships and Associations which send you are a completely different group experience, reemergence of old separation

Conscious preoccupation:
Children, grandchildren, holding onto love,
Unlocking past trauma
Dealing with a possible bosses or an impossible system once in control of your future and destiny, Determination to remain in charge in spite of family scattering to the four winds


Conscious preoccupation:
Sitting out here hoping it will hatch
Unlocking past trauma:
Relocation the promise of a new life in A far away place, The challenge of change in educational and cultural status

Conscious preoccupation:
Conversation about money and value of goods and services
Unlocking past trauma:
Sexuality and sexual mores, The pressures of overwhelming debt,
matters of life and death, inheritance, wills, legacy

Comments (6)

Thank you for the Weird November message, which seems spot on!

I am confused with some of the fragmented and incomprehensible language in the past traumas though; for example:
Freaking a home and security without feelings of abandonment…
Recommitment to spiritual care despite deception, disappointment, or fraud, I knew usual message and measures to keep your health…
Unusual change in friendships and Association which send you are a completely different group experience,…

I think he is using dictation software which is why some words are wrong. For example: “Unusual change in friendships and Association which send you [are] (“ON”) a completely different group experience,…” “are” and “on” are both single syllables with the same vowel sound. I see how a computer could misidentify the accurate word which Michael may have actually said. I hope this helps you.

Thank you, Michael, for making this monthly a freebie.
I am always happy to pay for your monthlies, or any of the others;
and yet it is very generous of you
to make November a monthly freebie
so that anyone and everyone can learn from it.

Brilliant as always!

“Slowly, desperately slowly it seemed to us as we watched, the remains of passage debris that encumbered the lower part of the doorway were removed, until at last we had the whole door clear before us. The decisive moment had arrived. With trembling hands I made a tiny breach in the upper left hand corner. Darkness and blank space… not filled like the passage we had just cleared.… For the moment —an eternity it must have seemed to the others standing by—I was struck dumb with amazement, and when Lord Carnarvon, unable to stand the suspense any longer, inquired anxiously, ‘Can you see anything?’ it was all I could do to get out the words, ‘Yes, wonderful things.'”

Howard Carter
Valley of the Kings, 1923

Thank you, as always, Michael.

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