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Overcoming obstacles? This is the week for it

Jupiter Pluto Saturn… Great configuration for overcoming any crippling weakness. Chiron Neptune conjunction in Pisces affects all of us. Part of us is ready to accept the inevitable consequences of what we have done or not done.It can be a spiritually enriching addition to our minds and hearts and souls, but it can also lead to futility.
Yes, the universe provides reward and retribution, but such a notion can just let us go floating along the current thinking we can’t do squat at this point.
Jupiter/Pluto configuration gives you a push, a jolt of confidence that you can accomplish just about anything you put your mind to right now. And by golly you’re going to be successful at it. The Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect gives you a sense you are strong, determined, creative, vibrant, passionate and not paralyzed from the soul down.
You’re not down yet, and you ain’t going to be down.
What a paradox. We have been saying in previous messages that there would be a weird combination of energies in 2018– – a mixture of determination and hopelessness.
Now we must also say also that Jupiter Pluto in the hands of any power-crazed narcissist could produce a sadistic grandiosity. It could give someone the false notion of divinity – – that because he or she is doing it, it must be right, so screw you.
The balance between herculean strength and total submission to God‘s will – – (if that annoys you then just say total submission to Que-sera-sera philosophy, and just stay in bed with tea and toast and see what happens.
Got to find this year a healthy and satisfactory equilibrium between high motivation and complete passivity. And this week is a good time to start doing so.