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The Lights confront darkness

Because a healing is about a journey from darkness to light. From ignorance to wisdom. From Pain  to Joy.   This is a sacred moment as both lights the sun and moon over the next couple days approach Chiron. This is a confrontation with pain and the experience of going through it and not letting the dark overcome the light.

It’s a  ritual reenacting the experience of surrender death and the return to life. It Mimics  in a mysterious way the entire Christian myth from disappointment, betrayal, to the knowledge of one’s own destiny.

If demands that we see events as moments in time and space that I absolutely have to happen for our transformation and growth despite any pain and sacrifice demanded: it is love on the highest levelAnd the knowledge that everything comes from Indio inside you. That’s how you are able to heal yourself by connecting with the universe and all of the sacred vibrations that exist and not paying attention to any of the ridiculous inside issues that come from outside.

Pay no attention now to side distractions pay no attention to anything but your own path toward the light. No kidding