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You’ve been lied to.

You’ve been lied to. They say there’s a good reason, though. You have been lied to for something they’re calling anthropological purposes. But now the lie has turned against you when you need the truth the most.

Who is behind it? Well, first of all, not just you but a lot of people also. The lie has been perpetrated by many well-meaning leaders and clerics, generals and reporters, scientists and philosophers – – good people who have joined together, and hand in hand, have created a set of myths they thought you could more easily metabolize. Plenty of bastards have been on it too. I call them bastards but they don’t really fit into any human scheme, category, genus or species, So for the moment bastards will do.

Of course it was easier for them all, too, in order to maintain a matrix of social and psychological order, in which all of us were able to go to school fall in love make babies and watch television.
So they compartmentalized the truth as a collection of magical stories and serious investigative hypotheses, mainly because they felt the truth would be sociologically crippling.

And on the highest level we could call it the Star Trek Prime Directive, which forbids interference or intervention of developing social culture. Practically, however, it amounted to a lot of spoonfed bullshit.

And they wait till now, when some moron or morons left the door wide open, to let you in on the big secret.

Thanks a bunch.
Stay tuned.

So is this part of Humans Rising or is this happening?


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