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Every time I sit down to write the world news, I am stumped. I stop. It’s because I simply refuse to fall into the trap of Trying to decipher the horoscopes of all the ants currently under the political microscope and discussing them ad vomitam.
I cannot do it because I instinctively know that these are all distractions— fake news if you will, all part of the daily drivel that passes for current events. It’s all designed to keep us from inquiring about the actual collapse of world government, erosion of all ordered systems, heinous plots of weather manipulation and depopulation, abuse of power and control by greedy pharmaceutical companies, and the shocking secrets of who or what might lie behind what may really be occurring under our noses.
What’s even more mindbending are the possible revelations that would destroy all our illusions about society and humanity that somehow seem to be eventually leaking out anyway.
I hesitate, mainly because I think I am crazy sometimes. I must be, even to contemplate what may really be happening and be able to separate fact from childish magical thinking. Not to mention the vast network of dis-information being fed to the masses. So it is probably safer for me to be considered just another loony astrologer, rather than try to convince people what may actually be occurring – the so-called new world order with all the absolutely nutsy allegations of dark forces lurking in the shadows. Oh yes, by all means, let us include the paranoid fantasies which could be leaked into our brains to keep us more befuddled and confused.
One thing is certain: the “news” is designed to help us ignore the gravity of the human dilemma.
Just consider the weather for instance. Instead of delivering an accurate in-depth examination of what is actually taking place, the weather reports are absolutely insane.They make up names for completely abnormal weather conditions and patterns. Instead of acknowledging the anomalies, natural or man-made, they present bouncy, upbeat reports that attempt to convince us that all is normal when we know it is far from natural and far from normal. Never once have I heard a weather report in the last five years honestly question
Or even mention what is going on overhead right in front of our eyes.

So I keep asking myself is any of this stuff this real? And my wacky? Are Linda Howe, Whitley Strieber, Steven Greer, David Wilcock and the rest, are they all a bunch of kooks? Are they government agents out to confuse us even more? Can any of this stuff be true? Are we actually already at Galactic Society?
Or is it all the brilliant and diabolical plan of a cabal of humans-very earthly humans- to control the world water and food supply and subvert the global economy, funneling all resources into the hands of a few?
Why the sudden surge of hostility among nations? Why the scramble for resources? Why the big show of military strengths? Who is the real enemy to be feared? Could there really be ET’s involved?
Who cares who had an affair with a porn star? That’s not important! Genocide is.
And ever since the south node of Pluto has been traveling through Capricorn, the transit of Pluto over that point has coincided, more often than not, with invasion, poaching of property, intrusion, and even genocide.
But who are the invaders this time?
Who are the invaders?
Who the hell are we?

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“Who the hell are we?” We’re either the ones screaming that question now, or the ones who insist on being dragged kicking and screaming to the point of finally asking, “Who the hell are we?” Either way, if we all remember the frequency of light that serves as the only answer for all sentient beings, maybe the guys on the planet Zildjian won’t have to kick our human asses.


If you speak with indigenous people – particularly those on reservations, contact is a normal part of life for some. It is accepted in their culture. If you speak with mediums and magicians right now, you will hear that there’s an uptick in contact with ET’s. To me, it is not so strange – just the frequency with which it is happening right now is a little bewildering. I agree, that the circus going on in the human world pales by comparison to what is happening on other planes. I do wonder why we are being contacted. It is not easy to communicate, as they are more visual and telepathic and not very empathic or compassionate. So it’s like learning another language and finding areas that we have in common to communicate about. To me, Michael, you make absolute sense.

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