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Chiron Aries, biggest decision in your life

2nd April Monthly: Chiron in Aries, probably the biggest decision you are going to make in your life plus special feature, Mikey’s big secret revealed.

Chiron in Aires, this could be the biggest decision you ever made, so take your time. This means everybody even the trans-humans they may be making out of pig’s knuckles someplace in an underground installation in Geneva or Colorado someplace – everybody. If they are considered alive and walking around and they are living under this Solar System, they’ve got Chiron around somewhere in their horoscopes.

That includes you and me. We all have a different placement of that magical body in our individual astrological charts, based on our different times and days and years of birth. We share something to as Chiron travels through the heavens during the course of our lives as it is doing right now. We all share a global common experience as well as the private one we experience from its position at our birth. Until early in 2019, Chiron will be hovering between the signs of Pisces and Aries as we have already said. Right now it’s in Aries. It will go retrograde in July 18 and slip back into Pisces and go forward again, and hit the zero Aries point. This gives us all the proper time to adjust to a brand new life situation. You can bet on it.

For those who were alive in 1968 and 69 this is a huge life change since that was the last time Chiron made this bumpy transition.
For the rest of us, it is still a biggie, and since it entered zero Aries for the first time this year, it is kind of a shock to be so abruptly awakened with what and with whom we are going to be dealing.
So what is this Chiron. I am not going to be giving you that wounded healer story, I’ll just tell you here’s how it operates:
You start out by feeling completely out of it. Like the mothership dropped you at the edge of town and took off again without giving you any instructions. When you look around you see that you resemble these “people”, but have absolutely no connection with them at all. Your automatic translator is working fine, so even though you understand their language, none of what they are saying or caring about makes a lick of sense to you.

That’s really weird, since you probably in reality have not recently landed on Earth and be dropped from a spaceship. (I probably really shouldn’t say that because I don’t really know how many of “them” are already here.) So even if you are earthborn you probably right now have a strange sense of “who the hell are these people and exactly what am I supposed to be doing with them?” What the hell am I supposed to do next?

On top of that you are trying to be broad-minded and spiritually correct, although part of you is furious to be left to fend for yourself in the middle of an un-envolved dog eat dog world.
But on a strictly human level in this solar system there are a few Chiron truths you have to accept and integrate if you not going to end up either in jail or in the loony bin.

1. You’ve got to figure out a way to live with them or at least among these people.
2. What you consider perfectly normal they categorically reject.
3. You want only to be held and petted and admired but they don’t get that.
4. What they consider normal, you consider Death.
5. “If these assholes can’t treat me right they can all go fuck themselves,” is probably not the best way to enter society here right now on Earth.
5. If you’re ready to recognize that you have a lot to learn from all that is about to be for you, it will be the beginning of a great success and happiness in your future.
6. The mind lives in the brain, the brain is not the mind.
7. Nobody is indispensable

You’ve probably already seen how deep a cut can go when people are coming from their own pain and cannot empathically understand the pain and suffering of others. The goal of the Chiron lesson is to teach the transcendence over suffering and to be able to rise your own anger, history or limitations in order to relieve the suffering of others.
No matter how much pressure the world brings to bear on you or how much you push yourself to make a decision right now, take your sweet old time.
You probably want to pick up and walk away from the whole thing. But can you rightly just drop everything you’re doing and just wash change your whole identity now?

Start over?

Start fresh?

Be reborn in a brand new everything?

Would be nice. And for some people, yes, of course – those who are passing away and just discorporating and leaving this mortal body, yes, but then again don’t be in a rush to do that just yet.
Chiron at 0° Aries represents the urge to erase the past completely and assume an entirely new reality. I applaud the courage it takes to do so. So what if they think you were crazy and that you have lost it and that you are literally out of touch. But are you nuts? Are you just getting so fed up with the struggle that you’re at a place where you absolutely cannot take it anymore, and if you don’t make this change you may really go out of your mind?

This is the challenge of the time period between January 2018 in February and March 2019 – give or take a few hours, days and weeks. This is a major course correction and it does provide the desire to just start over, because this is a big decision.
So think long and hard before you dump what you are doing now, because you’re bored and not feeling fulfilled. Good trick if you can find prosperity, spiritual and creative fulfillment in the same box of cracker jacks.
It is not my job to cast doubt upon you or make you second-guess yourself, mainly because nobody knows at this point where anything is going to lead. I do believe, however, that there lies in front of us all a stark awakening in a spurt of growth such as we have never felt before.

As you know I’m a very private person but I think at this moment it’s appropriate to disclose a little secret to help you understand that. The transition from Chiron in Pisces to 0° Aries is a big big decision. The last time this happened I decided to become the astrologer that I am today. But it turned out that in doing so, get this, and it’s true, I walked away from one hundred million dollar inheritance. Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?

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start over fresh somewhere else ? I feel I am not known where I am.
If I go anywhere else, they won’t know me there either

“A lot to learn from all that is about to be….no one is indispensable.” Spoken by one who CAN share the experience of the sacred in all, because you live it. Thanks, Mikey.

Kirsten Fletcher

Wow, Mikey (please forgive the familiarity but I have been following you since my dear friend from high-school showed me your Daily Fix in 2004 and I feel like I know you), that is huge. I truly hope that (at least some) of your princely dues chased you down for being so brave. My dad was 19 in 1969. He met my mother at an astrology lecture he was giving in New Hampshire. They ran away together and joined a group of like minded people who built their own homes and lived off of the land making maple syrup and farming in central NY (a little place called Unadilla, now a motocross facility). I always send my dad links to your website when I feel like the message with harmonize with him. I hope he has follow your site on his own. I am grateful for your unique astrological perspective and find it invaluable. Thanks, and have an amazing day!

Big decision to walk away from that kind of money.

On top of that you are trying to be broad-minded and spiritually correct, although part of you is furious to be left to fend for yourself in the middle of an un-envolved dog eat dog world.

!!! (I got a wee chuckle out of this)

Thank you for all you have written.

Wowwww….thank you for sharing a deeply personal point and reference. It pretty much sums up the huge shift that this transit can represent when we are willing to risk in order to live authentically. Thank you for your hard work and words or motivation and encouragement all of these many years. I, for one, am grateful that you chose the path you did to bring forward the wisdom and love found in astrology. Signed, a fellow Lover and student of Astrology.

OMG! You’re kidding, right? You really walked away from all that money???? Well, you’re either crazy, or one hell of a spiritually enlightened human being. Perhaps it’s possible to be both?

Dorothy Blackburn

Wow , I have so much respect for that decision Michael Lutin. I have deep respect for courage over heroism. One is real the other is ego as far as I can see. This is so apropos to my situation. These last few years have cold clocked me. Should I cut my ties and go into hardship but possibly authentication is compromise and try to make things work. Feel like the later could bring on dementia or homelessness. This life has been something to behold. Thank you again Dorothy

Jesus does this feel 100% spot on. And I feel the need to make the decision, but a touch gun shy from a rough ride the past three /four years. I feel the energy of change, just don’t know what the change will be but looking every day. Integrity is a mighty sword Michael-swing on friend!

Wow , that is a decision.. I am tortured by wishing for the new beginning,but left in a static situation. It’s like training for the race, visualizing and knowing that you have progressed so far since the last time you raced..that you know you can succeed..BUT the race is not able to happen ,not going to least for a while. You could go somewhere else for a race,but you would have to break promises,and all your moral principles..and then you have to keep going..and would never succeed.. The cliff is there, but I’m frozen… staying in service..

Michael, you’re right on the money with what you’ve said I’d bargain, and very well written and expressed. A very helpful post, thank you from Australia.

Everything in my life – personal and work related- is dragging me to that “make that big change” direction. Yet, I don’t know how to start or where to start or what if I regret feeling…

How could a soul like you not choose to follow your destiny? Your life is rich (and has enriched mine) beyond measure. For nearly 20 years, I’ve relied on your wisdom and, in the process, have gained more of my own. You’re the best tour guide ever! 🙂

Decisions, decisions: Tarred & feathered or encased in cement… Really can’t decide right now which is the lesser of the two evils. It’s a Scorpio thing I suppose…

Thank you Michael, for coming out of your privacy shell. That is astounding news you shared; and I thought some of MY decisions were hard! The path you chose has helped me for decades, and I am grateful for the way your Astrological insights have given me peace. (And anxiety, but mostly peace!!!)

Unbelievable. Before ever reading this forecast (and I am a true Aries, 3/21/56), I made a critical decision on April 2nd (a quote I could clip from above) that literally launched these truths, or at least they are fast becoming truths. And, Michael, I am in awe of your insight, perception and reading of the Chiron transition at zero Aries because it’s happening to me. I’ve been vacillating back and forth on how to move forward exactly as you’ve presented. But now I’m gonna take my sweet time. Thanks for the tips.

Your message(s) couldn’t be more accurate! I do feel like a spaceship dropped me off where I am right now. I was ripped right out of life without warning. I was not being true to myself as it seems that you may also have recognized when you made your major life decision that you mention above. I must really reassess my priorities, find new motivation, seemingly say goodbye to my winged feet, and learn to place one foot in front of the other no matter how leaded they feel right now, busted dreams, broken heart and all. I did receive one major saving grace to hold my hand and guide me if I’ll let him. The most gentle, brilliant man that I have ever met fell smitten-ly in love with me just days before my life shattered as that spaceship tossed me from the window. How could I go wrong if I let go, love, and trust this beautiful man, a Judge who has fallen in love with me, all bumped, bruised, scratched, deflated, and Truly Humbled as I now am. Now, for that pregnancy we are praying to manifest into our lives.

I was 19-20 years old in 1968-69…BIG changes in my life. MAJOR new choices. Shifts that catapulted me into a deep soul-calling destiny. Life turned on a dime. But I have to add here that those changes were spurred by someone walking way far away from me & I had no alternative but to make some big new choices, because following the one who walked (although an option) was way too uncomfortable, dysfunctional & the wrong direction for my growth & peace. There was no healing beckoning in THAT direction. I’m gearing up for what faces me this time around. Thanks!

Thank you for this. To say it is a big decision is an understatement but by your example it is crystal clear you understand that in spades.
“If you’re ready to recognize that you have a lot to learn from all that is about to be for you, it will be the beginning of a great success and happiness in your future.”
I can only hope with deep sincerity that this is gospel truth because I have already decided that I cannot turn back. So the only questions are: how do I move forward and where does this take me?
O “they” are definitely not going to understand.
Where is the go*damn map?????!

I’m speechless after reading this but I’m loving every word and embracing all the shit I’m going through right now. The good and the bad whew

I resonate so much with this post. Thank you a million times over for your much needed pearls of wisdom in these troubled times.
So much to ponder…

I love you!
You’re so cool!!!

Faithful follower😘

wow! thank you for sharing your experience. i didnt read the monthly until today. i typically wait until the end of the month. ive been feeling this chiron deeeeeeeeeply and was feeling lost. once again, after reading your words, i have a better understanding of how i am feeling and hopeful… all thanks to you. you truly made the ‘right’ decision all those years ago. thank you for caring enough about all of ‘us’ <3

I was born in 1963- I’m a Virgo sun- Virgo rising- and Scorpio moon- this post was so incredibly right on I was amazed. I’ve struggled in every area of my life!! Thanks for your insight!

I just bought a house in the desert. I live by the sea 8,300 miles away from my new abode. Having lived in Europe for 38 years, I decided I needed to come ‘home’. Now I am selling my beautiful apartment; did I mention I have accepted a proposal of marriage from a dear friend and moving in with him while we stay in the UK. Just had my 70th birthday so I have been under the Chiron move before. Oddly, I am not panicked but serene. Signed, your faithful Sadge (with Moon in Virgo) Love ya, Michael ps to Kathy: so it’s a win/win situation

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