2018 June

30 Jun: 05:00 Saturday 30 June

As of 05:00 when Moon is besieged between Saturn Pluto and Mars South Node, it’s brief, but uncomfortable as all hell. When you can’t avoid thinking you’ve gone and gotten yourself in an awful

26 Jun: What to hang on to

As the retrogrades pile up and smoothe progress is interrupted, plus the dilemmas of what’s the next big thing to do and where should you go, plus the whole identity crisis of why you’re alive- – – none of it is about to get solved right now.   But instead of feeling like you’re being  sewn into a heavy woolen blanket and tossed Into a rowboat during a hurricane, don’t think too far ahead now.  With  the Full Moon on Saturn in Capricorn,

listen again to the message or get it and JUST DO

the next task on the list

26 Jun: One version of a Sun Saturn wedding

26 Jun: Blame it on Neptune

That’s why nobody’s heard from you

24 Jun: It’s only a movie.

Keep telling yourself, Just keep telling yourself, “It’s only a movie. It’s only a movie.”

23 Jun: As Earth passes Mars…


A weary traveler seek a moment of rest

19 Jun: Spiritually speaking…

Neptune retrograde is kind of a “I don’t give a shit if my lipstick’s not on straight or my fly’s open” attitude. If you’re one of the few folks who  don’t yet have the neptune in pisces message, here it is:

19 Jun: Is it Voodoo or Neptune?

The food was a little bland, service not so hot as if nobody cared, the colors faded, clothes don’t fit quite right, the trip wasn’t what I thought it would be,

People seem kind of zombie-like and vacant, almost like they don’t hear you when you talk to them. They answer with a delayed reaction like a TV reporter in a faraway land, as if their mind is somewhere else, Like they’re thinking about something elsewhere.  Like “Oh, Please. I’ve seen this movie before. I know how it ends.”

Neptune stations retrograde