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Virgo takes the hit

Mutable T-square Full Moons always mean mad running around and this month, it’s Virgos who take the hit in the whole Sign house Occupied by Virgo.
On another note, we are all headed into the most personally and spiritually challenging holiday season we’ve ever experienced. We’re all frazzled already.

  So don’t be surprised when even Santa Claus has had it with everybody’s gimme gimme shit.

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Yeah, i’m feeling it already🙄😳!!😂

I’ve noticed over a lifetime that Virgos are made of some pretty tough stuff. They seem to always trundle on without much wallowing, histrionics or self-clobbering. You are right on point Michael with the whole mood around this holiday season…everybody seems grouchy and easy to set off. At best, there seems to be a lot of side-long glances and unease in the neighborhood. People shopping at malls seem beleaguered. Doesn’t feel very festive out there at all…feels a lot like going through the motions, like programmed robots.

I have Virgo rising with Pluto conjunct the ascendant from the 12th. A couple nights ago I woke myself up screaming, “Help! Help!” I was dreaming that I was being robbed by a group of men. They had me surrounded and were picking me clean like vultures on a carcass.
As tired as I am, I really haven’t slept since.

janise, i have a very similar chart. virgo rising, sun in 12th with pluto conjunct my ascentdant…i could not sleep last night, at all. i had these dream thoughts of my parents in the past, present and future…they are elderly and i know the rest of the ride with them will be “different”. it was a christmas story in a storm cloud of cyclical thoughts over my head. i could not sleep

I don’t even know where to start…..

I’m still here.

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